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The Mike Church Show-The Deep State Tightens Its Grip As The Window To Secede Closes!

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15m AUDIO: Donald Trump – Manhattan Construction Site – We are going to make a play for New York, normally a Democrat would win New York. They all want us to run hard in NY, we have a good chance and we are going to give it a big shot. He is the worst president in our countries history. He make Jimmy Carter look great. Close up the borders Joe, our country is going to Hell!

AUDIO/VIDEO: Union Workers Chant USA – When Donald Trump comes around the construction site. He said “I know these guys, we’ve built buildings together. We did things no one had ever done before here in Manhattan.”

  • This is why the left and people like Biden hate him.
  • They hate him b/c he has actually, with his hands, BUILT things!
  • He has accomplished things w/ his life.
  • He didn’t have to go through government to do it either.
  • He hasn’t made his living siphoning off the American tax payer.
  • He is NOT one of them and they hate him for it.
  • The longer he lets Speaker Johnson carry on w/ sending money to Ukraine, his numbers will sink b/c supporters like us will start to question Trumps motives too.
17m HEADLINE: Trump Advisers Meadows, Giuliani Among 18 Indicted in Arizona Election Case by Caden Pearson

  • Where is Jared Kushner in these indictments? 
  • He was in all the same meetings that these 18 were in.
  • Think about this. 
  • Are they picking and choosing who they are going to harass?
  • He was right there with Mark Meadows.

HEADLINE: Trump Will Be Sentenced to Prison by Demosthenes The Younger 

  • To pretend America, in its current form, is acceptable or governable is delusional.  Nothing today is sustainable and that is no accident.  The nation is not just in decline, but it is being collapsed by a deliberately engineered coup by subversives seeking to remove the American impediment to a global government.  A century of corruption, greed, and infiltration by subversives to all corners of our society and government has achieved its goal of ending America’s very short reign as a hegemonic world power.  Whether there are better days ahead or not will ultimately be determined by the apathy and acquiescence of weak men or the bold courage, leadership, and iron determination of strong men.  Americans, America is at the brink.
25m AUDIO/VIDEO: Marc Morano w/ on Fox Business – Climate Emergency – This is the serious story of the day. If he declare this he would hav COVID like powers similar to the 9/11 powers. He would have 130 wartime like powers. This is truly the Halloween story not an Earth day story. 

  • What would those powers be?
  • Well we can imagine b/c they have shut down this country before for ‘health and security’ reasons.
  • What would those powers entail?
  • You could restrict travel.
  • Yesterday Buttigieg announced a new set of travel rules.
  • We should be worried about even the LANGUAGE they are using now. 
  • NEW Travel Rules?
  • Who told them they could make up travel rules for the average citizen?
  • If an airline wants to refund you via a travel voucher, why is that not okay?
  • The Administration said the airlines MUST refund the same way YOU PAID.
  • What business is it of this administrations as to how these airline companies handle their business? 
  • It covers an entire industry.
  • What else are they considering dictating policies on?
27m HEADLINE: Joe Biden Just Promised America A Massive Tax Hike by David Harsanyi 

  • Well, obviously Trump should be “proud” of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which is set to expire at the end of 2025. If the GOP presidential candidate had any sense, he would be running Biden’s promise to enact a $2 trillion tax hike, one of the biggest in American history, in a perpetual ad loop.
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Joe Biden Campaigning

  • He is running around screaming at the top of his lungs, he is running to reduce the population of the United States.
  • That won’t balance the budget w/ LESS people to confiscate wealth from.
  • So what are these people planning?
  • Who gets to choose?
  • They aren’t playing eugenicists, they ARE eugenicists now.
  • He is speaking to middle class, college educated women.
  • We need more emotional, irrational, childless females in this country. 
  • We want Americans that aren’t actual Americans is what he is running on.
  • This is some sinister stuff here folks.
  • I don’t have an answer for this.

BACK TO David Harsanyi 

  • Couple a tax increase under what you are making right now.
  • How much more can the average American handle?
  • We can barely buy groceries as it is.
  • They are promising more baby killing, no gas stoves, no wood burning stoves or pizza places, less travel and shorter trips w/ EV and now…you will pay more taxes on top of ALL of that.
  • What happens when this continues for years on end?
  • Starvation is a great motivator.
  • You tell me what is going to happen. 
  • What if Trump doesn’t fix any of this?
  • He is uniting people b/c he keeps saying he isn’t going to give in, he is still going to campaign and that is why people are backing him.
  • What if the indictment of those 18 Reps in Arizona is a warning shot?
  • What if their entire game is just to instill fear into the average American?
  • They are telling you these are indictments, try and claim election fraud again and we will indict you!
  • They don’t have to put anyone in jail b/c most Americans are scared to death of standing trial for anything. 





Speaker Mike Johnson

  • Flies to Columbia University – how does he have time to do that?
  • I can think of worse things these students can be doing but come on.
  • What does it really matter?
  • Should we just let the left eat itself?
  • We all know why THIS protest can’t be allowed.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Benjamin Netanyahu – College Protests – They are calling for the inhalation of Jewish students. The college administration hasn’t responded. It has to be stopped and condemned. They attack Israel and that’s bad enough, when you listen they say death to Jews and death to America. This will have terrible consequences. 

  • The same people that ususally praise this type of behavior are now against them.
  • WHY?
  • Because they are opposing Israel. 
  • That’s it, plain and simple.
    Netanyahu is acting like these college protestors are killing Jews on the campuses all over the US.
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  AUDIO/VIDEO: Pro-Palestine protesters storm Harvard University and setup an encampment in Harvard Yard.The Harvard Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee is demanding that Harvard “divest from Israel’s war in Gaza.”

Maggie O’Connell – Am I the only one that is slightly impressed by this? I mean, setting up a tent could be considered a ‘life skill’ and these guys set them up pretty fast. Maybe they actually are learning something at University?! I have coordinated congresses and conferences. I know just how difficult it is to get this many people on the same page at the same time. These students had food, tents and water all ready to go. They pounced on the yard all at the same time and IMMEDIATELY started pitching their tents.

  • We gave up on these universities a long time ago.
  • Why is Speaker Johnson ready to die on this hill all the sudden?
  • That dog don’t hunt.




AUDIO/VIDEO: NYU Business Professor Scott GallowayYoung people are enraged. They are just pissed off, they look up and see exceptional wealth and they can’t buy anything. Housing prices have gone from 290 to 450, we took assets way up. These young people have every right to be enraged. We made a purposeful decision to allow this to happen to them.

  • Let’s break this graph he showed during this interview.
  • The dots represent the YEAR the kids are born.
  • First dot is 1940 – 92% of children doing BETTER than their parents.
  • The drop starts 1945-1965 from 90% to then around 60%.
  • Now that holds steady and starts to go up in the 70’s.
  • Then it begins to dip again. 
  • That number now is around 20%.
  • So only 20% of our children are doing as well or better than us their parents. 
  • There is a credit card – the National Credit card is being run up by selfish Baby Boomers and Zoomers.
  • It is all our fault.
  • We have failed our children in so many ways and we continue to fail them.
  • We can’t continue to fight these never ending wars w/o increasing our National Debt.
  • None of this has stopped or even slowed down so of course these kids are pissed.
  • Something has to give here.
  Demosthenes The Younger

  • In the classic fashion of sheeple, the public is asleep, brainwashed, and/or scared and in hiding.  So far, no shepherd has risen to guide this flock to safety.  Donald Trump, playing the role of a tragic hero will soon pass in relevance despite how much people loath or support him.  Without bold new leaders, the future is already set. 
  • This is a talentless, uneducated lot of young kids.
  • They can’t even write their names in cursive!
  • They will not be able to solve these problems.
  • American psyche: many will begin to realize they either have nothing to lose or are about to lose everything. 
  • Historically, this is the moment when great men rise and fall.
  HEADLINE: Speaker Mike Johnson Continues the GOP’s War Against Freedom by Ryan McMaken
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The Question Is – 

  • Can a society that produces nothing, consumes everything, can it survive?
  • Think of the movie WALL-E.
  • That ship, that is Earth, that is America.
  • Can a civilization that produces bites, ones and zeros, can it survive?
  • My answer is no, it cannot. 
  • When we lost our agrarian roots, we lost it.
  • Some of us have to be farmers, some of us have to be plumbers and welders and electricians.
  • We have to return to the land.
  • Even if you live in an apartment in NYC, you can grow potatoes and herbs.
  • Start somewhere though.

AUDIO/VIDEO: NYU Business Professor Scott Galloway – Young people are enraged. They are just pissed off, they look up and see exceptional wealth and they can’t buy anything. Housing prices have gone from 290 to 450, we took assets way up. These young people have every right to be enraged. We made a purposeful decision to allow this to happen to them.

  • We have said this here on these airwaves for many years.
  • We have tried to unite people from small business owners to just people of like minds.
  • Florida, Georgia and North Carolina still have problems – big banking problems, global currency problems.
  • With that comes political power.
  • You invite the enemy inside, they used to build walls around towns.
  • There is something that is just wrong about this.
1h56m AUDIO/VIDEO: Louisiana Livingston Parish JudgeSentenced 54 year old Glenn Sullivan Sr to 50 years in prison and physical castration. 

  • THIS is how you handle child predators!
  • In the state of Louisiana we are saying, you rape a child you will lose your junk.
  • We will chemically or physically castrate you!
  • Now the Senator behind this bill is a black female Democrat.
  • There is something Christian happening in the state of Louisiana.
  • Our Governor Landry wants to undo what has happened to this once great state.
  • Maybe it is Louisiana that looks at all of this and says…that is NO MORE.
  • Action needs to be communicated – we will not collect your oil/gas taxes and we won’t send them to the Federal government any longer, we will keep them and enrich our own state.
  • We aren’t your tax collecting stooge anymore. 
  • We are the Union!
  • We act like our ruling elites are the Union. 


AUDIO/VIDEO: NYU Business Professor Scott Galloway – Young people are enraged. They are just pissed off, they look up and see exceptional wealth and they can’t buy anything. Housing prices have gone from 290 to 450, we took assets way up. These young people have every right to be enraged. We made a purposeful decision to allow this to happen to them.

  • The government now employs MORE people than Red Soviet Russia did when Communism was at its peak.
  • Do the Russian people look like they are toiling under their suppressor Vladimir Putin?
  • I can tell you here in America we are!
  • Democracy sucks, it is a rotten way to govern but until we do this has to be discussed.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis – 
  • Either you have immunity or you don’t.
  • That phone call they taped is illegal. 
  • It was recorded in Florida where there is a law stating all parties have to know they are being recorded.
  • You can disagree w/ the call and what Trump said but that is not how we should look at this.
  • This one can’t come down 6-3 or 5-4.
  • Chief Justice has either gotten his crew together and told them we will be unanimous and if we don’t we will make the divide worse.
  • If we start splitting hairs here, there will be cases each year on this.
  • Then no one will want to be President except for bad guys that just don’t care if they are caught doing illegal or bad things.
  • If you split this vote, the flames of war will be fanned.
  • SCOTUS has an opportunity here to NOT contribute to the divided country.
  • This not Bush v Gore, this is all of them against all of us.
  • Trump just happens to be the one taking the fire.
  • Already the market for your precious EV is gone.
  • Wait until the first round of batteries ware out.
  • Let’s go back to the youth.
  • Are young Americans even being told to live for anything?
  • What are we doing and showing to our young girls.
  • Why bother any sport at this point b/c some little faggot is going to ensure you win nothing!
  • It used to be we Crusaded and we could rely on the feminist to at least stay women and protect women. 
  • So if you are a youth, your parents are telling you mom and dad and God all got it wrong.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Audrey Nelson from Compton New Hampshire – Transgender Sports – I’m a science teacher, and when it comes to biological sex…Nature doesn’t stick to categories that humans have invented. You know if I don’t make a team or get cut from a team that’s because I didn’t work hard enough. 

  • “About 2 in every 100 people are born with intersex traits” is objectively false. It’s a narrative that was created by American Sexologist Anne Fausto-Sterling & has been debunked.
  • Fausto-Sterling suggested that the prevalence of intersex may be as high as 1.7%, but included conditions that most clinicians don’t recognize as “intersex” such as Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, & late-onset adrenal hyperplasia. When applying this more precise definition, the number is closer to 0.018%. 
  • This woman is an educator in New Hampshire.
  • How did she become a controller of this narrative?
8:33am cst SEGMENT 6
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden at NABTU Foundation for the Future – Donald Trump Vision – Donald Trump’s vision of America is one of revenge and retribution. A defeated former president who bows down to billionaires, doesn’t help union workers, he looks down on us. Think about the guys you grew up with and you wanted to give them a straight lip. We all know those guys, we all grew up with them.

This is projection.

Biden does all of the things he just accused Trump of doing.



HEADLINE: Speaker Mike Johnson Continues the GOP’s War Against Freedom by Ryan McMaken

  • This is obviously contrary to basic human rights (i.e., property rights), but Johnson certainly doesn’t care. After all, he told us that there are bad guys out there in the world, and that means the Bill of Rights goes right out the window.
  • In other words, this is what Republicans do. But, no matter how these GOP officials shred property rights, the rank and file keep voting for people like Mike Johnson because the GOP is careful to whip up their core voters into a frenzy over drag-queen story hours and university speech codes. These are issues for local governments, of course, not Congress, but the end result is the GOP keeps getting what it wants at the federal level: endless money for war, and the continued destruction of privacy and private property.
  • To see evidence of this we need look no further than the fact that with each passing year of various Republican majorities in Congress, the regime’s victories over freedom and decency keep adding up, and virtually never are any of the state’s powers ever repealed. That’s exactly how the GOP leadership likes it.

Mahgdalen Rose

Follow Mahgdalen on Twitter – @MahgdalenRose

  • Young people are sort of expected to become Republicans once they have to pay taxes out of college.
  • Young Americans frustration is boiling over at this point.
  • Student Debt and Useless Wars
  • Neither candidate is laying out a plan to save my generation.
  • Speaker Johnson is a disaster.
  • He was never supposed to be a speaker.
  • Speakers are supposed to be Deal Makers and he just isn’t that.
  • He never actually explains where this money is going to be used for.
  • People in the House are not being honest about how inept Johnson is.
  • They should all be talking about how unhelpful he is as speaker.
  • Do you think Kevin McCarthy is still a good Republican and do you see him still raising funds?
  • He has been to several Trump events hanging out in the background and the donors are very comfortable with him.
  • McCarthy wasn’t speaker b/c he knew how to raise money and we all dismissed this b/c Matt Gaetz said he needed to go.
  • That is why we call the GOP the stupid party.
  • Trump thinks he can win over these minorities if he endorses a few minority candidates.
  • He spoke to the White Working Class in 2016, that is how Trump won!
  • The minority communities will always hate him and he needs to realize that.
  • A tale of 2 young Republicans – 
  • Look what Congress did to my friend Steve Scalise!
  • This is the problem. 
  • Young Republicans want term limits.
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