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The Mike Church Show-The Devil Went Down To Georgia And Found Better Devils…Demoncrats!

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The Devil went down to Georgia. He was looking for a soul to steal, only he found better devils were already there; Demoncrats. A fresh batch of indictments were issued for President Donald Trump. You won’t believe what these Georgian Demoncrats are using for evidence. Listen to the latest episode of The Mike Church Show and hear the evidence for yourself and Michael Hichborn joins the show. 

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  • Donald Trump is indicted again, this time in Fulton County
  • Hawaii fire updates
  • Oliver Anthony song
  • Michael Hichborn w/ the Lepanto Institute
















Trump Indicted in Georgia, Fulton County

  • Trump had over 600 business entities that he had to sign over before becoming President.
  • He did so willingly.
  • He has never been charged before for anything in the business world.
  • Trump International was one of the most sought after business entities in the world.
  • From someone that has been doing small business for 19 years now, this isn’t for the meek, the timid, the cowardly or the lazy.
  • Above all…you have to LOVE what you are doing or you won’t make it.
  • This is basically a surrender by the Democrat party.
  • The fallout of this will be so bad.
  • Do they know it or do they simply not care?
  • The only way the Democrats can win is to cheat and steal.
  • They know they only chance for Biden to win is for Donald to be behind bars.

HEADLINE: What the Fulton County judge could do by Ned Barnett 

  • Now that President Trump has been indicted in Georgia, a Fulton County judge could do what all judges do, which is jail his court’s defendant until trial date.
  • Such an act would send shockwaves through the Trump Campaign, the 2024 election, and America. The Fulton County judge could decide to jail President Trump ensure that Trump doesn’t leave Atlanta or Fulton County. 
  • The Donald even has armed Secret Service bodyguards whose mandate is to use deadly force if necessary to protect a president’s life. Knowing this, what Fulton County or Georgia police officer would dare draw his or her gun in an attempt to stop Trump from departing Fulton County, even if this is in violation of a local judge’s order?
  • Now, set aside the current judge and consider this. If you were the presiding judge in this Georgia case, and you knew that it was your bounden duty to ensure that the indicted “criminal” shows up for his day in court, what would you do about a man who, at least on paper, could appear to be a legitimately potential flight risk, what would you do?
  • What would it do to the Georgia economy if they put Donald Trump in jail while waiting the trial date?
  • Are these people even worried about the fallout of this?
  • Conclusion: This Fulton County/Atlanta charges could be the most fascinating – and challenging – of the four sets of charges Trump now faces.  So don’t be surprised if this demands that Trump appear in court, without explaining why.  Then, upon arrival, the judge remands Trump into custody, to be held without bail until the trial begins.  What that would do to his campaign is literally unpredictable, though I expect all of us following this campaign has his or her own opinion. 
  • What I do feel certain about – if Trump is elected, and is sworn in, he will exercise his authority to pardon himself of federal charges, and call on the U.S. Supreme Court to immediately review the ruling, and the charges, which smack of a Constitutional violation of the guarantee of free speech.
  • This isn’t an attempt to seek justice, this is an attempt to incarcerate. 
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  AUDIO/VIDEO: Oliver Anthony The Rich Men North of Richmond 

QUESTION: What state is Richmond in?

ANSWER: Virginia

QUESTION: What is the state of?

ANSWER: The Old Dominion 

  • Where was the capitol of the Old Confederacy?
  • What was the last state to remove itself from the Southern Union?
  • It wasn’t until dishonest Abe sent Mead, and that gave you the Stonewall Jackson speech we play here on this show often.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Trump legal spokesperson Alina Habba on GA indictments – If the clerk has to manually put in each count, how did the clerk have the fictitious mistake? It’s just ridiculous that we’re even sitting here as if we’re watching a police chase, and it’s all by design. It’s pathetic. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Trump legal spokesperson Alina Habba on GA indictment leaks tot the press before Trump counsel even gets the information – The fact we have people standing by and leaks to the press before I’ve even seen his indictment – before the indictment’s even come out, that is exactly the problem we have in this country at this moment. 

1h40m AUDIO/VIDEO: Fani Willis Fulton County District Attorney on Grand Jury IndictmentCriminal conspiracy to overturn 2020 presidential results. This indictment includes 41 felony counts and is 97 pages long. Everyone charged in this bill of indictment is presumed innocent. Reads off the people that are in the indictment. 

  • How are you going to prove criminal conspiracy?
  • What an irony there is a crime gang actually operating INSIDE the White House right now and no one seems to care.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Fani Willis Fulton County District Attorney voluntary surrenderI am giving the defendants the opportunity to voluntarily surrender no later than noon on Friday the 25th of August, 2023. 

  • What is going to happen if they don’t turn themselves in on August 25th?
  • What if they all said “Let them eat static”?
  • Are they going to forcefully go retrieve them?
  • For the rest of her life Jenna Ellis will have on her criminal record she was indicted for racketeering. 
  • This was created so actual mobsters could be prosecuted when they crossed state lines w/ their crimes.
  • Holding onto and retaining power is all that matters here it seems.
2h02m HEADLINE: America’s Ruling Class—And the Perils of Revolution by Angelo M Codevilla 

  • Our ruling class’s agenda is power for itself. While it stakes its claim through intellectual-moral pretense, it holds power by one of the oldest and most prosaic of means: patronage and promises thereof. Like left-wing parties always and everywhere, it is a “machine,” that is, based on providing tangible rewards to its members. Such parties often provide rank-and-file activists with modest livelihoods and enhance mightily the upper levels’ wealth. Because this is so, whatever else such parties might accomplish, they must feed the machine by transferring money or jobs or privileges — civic as well as economic — to the party’s clients, directly or indirectly. This, incidentally, is close to Aristotle’s view of democracy. Hence our ruling class’s standard approach to any and all matters, its solution to any and all problems, is to increase the power of the government — meaning of those who run it, meaning themselves, to profit those who pay with political support for privileged jobs, contracts, etc. Hence more power for the ruling class has been our ruling class’s solution not just for economic downturns and social ills but also for hurricanes and tornadoes, global cooling and global warming.
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  HEADLINE: How Stupid Is The Georgia Anti-Trump Case? They Indicted Trump For Tweeting At People To Watch TV by Tristan Justice 

Act 6: “Meadows sent a text message to United States Representative Scott Perry from Pennsylvania and stated, ‘can you send me the number for the speaker and the leader of PA Legislature. POTUS wants to chat with them” – This was an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy.

Act 22: Donald Trump Tweeted “Georgia hearings now on [One America News Network]. Amazing!” – This was an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy.

Act 38: “Georgia Patriot Call to Action: today is the day we need you to call your state Senate & House Reps & ask them to sign the petition for a special session. We must have free & fair elections in GA & a this is our only path to ensuring every legal vote is counted @realDonald Trump.” – This was an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy.

  • If someone was to go to Maggie’s old Twitter account, she would be UNDER the prison! 
  • How many of you could be charged due to what you post on social media using these standards set by GA?





















Michael Hichborn

Founder of the Lepanto Institute 

Follow the Lepanto Institute @LepantoInst

  • This is the very definition of Banana Republic and Election Interference.
  • The Biden Administration accused Putin of this just recently.
  • This is designed to stymy his election bid so he can’t get in.
  • During the 2020 election I was disgusted w/ everyone that said ‘we just have to suck it up and go along w/ it b/c what can we do’. 
  • If they can takeover the government there is NOTHING they aren’t willing to do to KEEP their power.
  • We know Joe Biden has connections to corrupt dealings overseas.
  • We know this an nothing is being done about it.
  • They can’t let him get control b/c they know they will be exposed if that happens.
  • Their gig will be up then.
  • They are willing to start nuclear war w/ Russia to protect their secrets.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Oliver Anthony – Rich Men North of Richmond

  • I don’t hear the fake redneck lyrics, I hear a broken man, that is frustrated and angry.
  • I hear a real human being screaming for the government to stop.
  • Just a man w/ his two dogs in the woods w/ his deer stand.
  • I hear the beginnings of the antithesis of the protest songs of the 60’s.
  • Think about this, he was a nobody and w/in 24 hours he became an overnight sensation. 
  • This song spoke to people from all over the world.
  • This resonated w/ people in other countries but they are experiencing it w/ their country too!
  • What happened w/ the protest songs of the 60’s?
  • The next thing you know you had a whole bunch of copy cats.

HEADLINE: What My Family’s Bloody History In The Spanish Civil War Teaches About The FBI’s Assault On Catholics by Evita Duffy-Alfonso 

  • You think there won’t be religious persecution?
  • Look what they are doing to Trump right now and tell me again w/ a straight face they won’t come after you b/c of your faith.

HEADLINE: Trump promises to release ‘irrefutable’ report on ‘Georgia election fraud’ that ‘should see all charges dropped against him and his 18 co-accused after fourth indictment: ‘There will be a complete EXONERATION!’ by Kelly Laco, Nikki Schwab and Harriet Alexander 

1945 August 14 – 

  • Is it a coincidence that this is happening on this Marian Feast Day?
  • Make them be the aggressors. 
  • Make phone calls Trump to governors and ask them not to extradite. 
  • How would they respond? 
  • Would Joe Biden force the local National Guard to go get these 19 people? 

HEADLINE: Largest Catholic Health Network is Partnered With Abortion Provider by Michael Hichborn 

  • The report proved that CommonSpirit Health was responsible for the performance of sex-change operations, providing hormone-based transgender therapies, providing puberty blockers to children under the auspices of so-called “gender-affirming care,” is financially subsidizing the same through its employee benefits packages, is financially subsidizing medical institutions performing these procedures and therapies, is providing all forms of modern contraception (including abortifacients) to patients, and is even performing (at least in one case) elective abortions and surgical sterilizations. 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat on Trump arrestWe will follow our normal practices, it doesn’t matter your status, we’ll have mugshots ready.
3h40m AUDIO/VIDEO: Rachel Maddow w/ Hillary Clinton on Trump 10 indictments in GAIf bad actors tell us falsely that every election is stolen and that the only way an election is trustworthy is if they com out on top of it, it tells you something about that person and it wounds us as a democracy in a way that’s hard to repair.

AUDIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACK to when – Hillary Clinton complained the election was stolen from her.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Hillary Clinton w/ Rachel MaddowAbsolutely giddy over ‘yet another set of indictments’.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Ted Cruz on Trump IndictmentsI’m pissed, I’m pissed at these over and over indictments. This is disgraceful, it is wrong and it is an abuse of power by angry democrats who have decided the rule of law doesn’t matter to them anymore.

Donald Trump Truth Social Media: A large, complex, detailed but irrefutable report on the Presidential Election Fraud which took place in Georgia is almost complete and will be presented by me at a major news conference 11am on Monday of next week in Bedminster, NJ. Based on the results of this conclusive report, all charges should be dropped against me and others. There will be a complete exoneration! They never went after those that rigged the election. They only went after those that fought to fine the Riggers!

3h47m HEADLINE: God’s Preemptive Strikes by Robert B Greving 

  • Usually, the Church proclaims a dogma in reaction to a spreading heresy. But the dogmas of the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption were preemptively declared to prepare for future heresies.
  • In other words, the human body—yours and mine—is something sacred. The conception of a human being was declared as sacred; the passage from this life to the next of a human body was declared as sacred. The beginning and ending of our lives (and everything in between) were defined as something belonging to God and not for us to expropriate.
  • Before the feminist outcry of “My body, my choice,” God was proclaiming this especially through a woman’s body. It was through a woman’s body that God came into our world, and that woman would be the pattern of how we, too, can get to the next. It is almost as though God were saying, “I see where you’re going. No.”
  • He saw His creation as good, and so He wanted to become part of it; hence The Incarnation. He did this through Mary, and so when we diminish her role, or the honor due to her because of that role, we diminish The Incarnation. If Mary is not unique in all creation, then neither is Christ.
  • Catholicism – We believe the Word became Flesh. We believe we can receive that Flesh at Mass. We believe in six other sacraments whereby natural means—human gestures and words, oil and water—have supernatural effects. We believe that creation, especially human creation, is something intrinsically good.
  • We are not part of God’s “HR Department.” We are His children. We are sacred, and no one knows the sacredness of a child more than a mother, the bearer and nurturer of life. Mary, not nature, is our mother. In her Immaculate Conception and Assumption, she reveals the grandeur of our beginning and the glory of our end. 
  • You have been lied to your entire adult life, from the time of St John the Evangelist, that tradition has been passed on and down.
  • The Assumed Mary – body and soul into Heaven.
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