The Mike Church Show-The Great Reset’s Medical Patsies Are Getting Cold Feet As Reality Catches Up To Them

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  • Djokovic has his Visa revoked yet again by Australian Health Minister
  • SCOTUS denies Bidens OSHA vaccine mandate
  • Sinema and Manchin curb Biden’s agenda
  HEADLINE: LIVE – Djokovic to be detained in Australia but not yet deported by BBC Thom Poole
43m HEADLINE: Supreme Court Cites Biden Chief Of Staff Ron Klain’s Twitter Feed In Smackdown Of Illegal Vaxx Mandate by Jordan Boyd 

HEADLINE: SCOTUS Ruling on Health Care Vaccine Mandate a ‘Big Mistake,’ Stanford Professor Says by Mimi Nguyen Ly 

  • Healthcare as we once knew it is gone.
  • The SCOTUS got one part of the ruling correct but the one w/ installing the mandate for healthcare workers is wrong.
  • However, the hospitals take Federal money through medicaid and medicare.
  • When you take money from the government, you must abide by their rules.
  • Crusader Stadium – Mercy Health here in Lima is no longer requiring their employees to have a negative test or 5-day quarantine before returning to work.
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1h14m So What Do We Do Know?

  • There are living, breathing parts that will resist.
  • They get to completely suckle off the government and not work.
  • COVID is NOT the last ‘virus’ to escape a lab.
  AUDIO: Alice von Hildebrand Commencement Address at Christendom College

Alice has passed on at the age of 99

Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon her.

  Biden Legitimacy – 
  Travis from OH –

Cardiac Stenographer – I am willing to lend my services to anyone that is wanting to help get out of the hospital setting.

  • This isn’t a bad thing, this is an advantage for us or opportunity. 
  • We can advance science now.
  • The hospitals weren’t really working right anyway. 
  • EcoNose – in Washington sells small tablet devices in 3-4 minutes, in 8 pictures that doesn’t cost millions.

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  Bee Gees Friday
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi on voting rightsoutlines the 4 goals of the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act
2h30m HEADLINE: We Are All Domestic Terrorists Now by Julie Kelly 

  • What exactly did Hodgkins do on that day of infamy? He followed a group of like-minded Donald Trump supporters into the hallowed halls and chambers of the U.S. Senate. In that sacred space, where people far more important and educated than poor Hodgkins, according to those very important and very educated senators, make speeches and whatnot. Hodgkins, a crane operator, traveled alone by bus from central Florida to Washington—he was not chauffeured into the nation’s capital in a black SUV and detail team in the way that very important senators roll into town. 
  • When he entered the sacred Senate chambers, Hodgkins carried with him a weapon so offensive that the mere sight of the device prompted the judge in his case to question Hodgkin’s loyalty to his own country. That weapon was a flag bearing the words “Trump 2020.”
  • Although Hodgkins did not commit a single violent act on January 6, federal prosecutors nonetheless consider him a domestic terrorist and want him punished accordingly. 
  • Guys TRUMP was President at the time – that means you were PRO-government at the time right?
  • Would or could this be a mistrial?
  • They weren’t seeking to overthrow a government they were supporting the current government. 
   AUDIO/VIDEO: Sen Kyrsten SinemaWhile I continue to support the bills, I will not support separate actions that worsen the underlying disease of division infecting the country. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe BidenI make a special appeal to social media companies & media outlets – please deal w/ the misinformation & disinformation that’s on your shows, it has to stop.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Jen PsakiIt is disappointing for everybody how much influence Trump continues to have on the Republican party.

2h57m  HEADLINE: K Street’s Creepy Porn Lawyers by Bradley Devlin 
  Free Farm Friday – 

Farmer Mundy

Farmer Brian 

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Written by: Justin Redman

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