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The Mike Church Show-The USMC Thinks It Can Storm The Shores Of Tripoli With Woke Bullets

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The Mike Church Show-The USMC Thinks It Can Storm The Shores Of Tripoli With Woke Bullets

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HEADLINE: Top Gun-Maverick Is Top Shelf Movie Making Whose Main Course Is: Masculinity by Mike Church 

LGBTQI+ – the I means INTERSEX

HEADLINE: The Shame Of Pride Month by Rod Dreher 

  • The last decade has seen a precipitous rise in the share of Americans identifying as LGBT, particularly among the youngest adults. Today, among those under 30, a wide range of surveys converge on a number of around 20%.

HEADLINE: Why Are the Detroit Tigers Funding Gender-Transition Surgeries for Minors? by Nate Hochman

  • We should just call these events Groomer Events.
  • These mentally deranged people all gather together so there is no stigma while they size the kids up.
  • They don’t care how many people they make angry or suffer along the way.
  • Do any of them care about what they are promoting?
  • These businesses, do they really care about homosexuals?
  • If you are so in love and you think PRIDE is so important why don’t you GIVE your merchandise away?
  • If you truly want people to be more aware of the trials and tribulations, you’d do all of this for free right?
  • What kind of calamity brings all of this to an end?
  • Eugenic Society – one was in every state in the union back in the day.
  • QUESTION: You know what brought the Eugenic fade down?
  • WWII exposed all of it.
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  HEADLINE: Has the Sexual Revolution Finally Overreached? by Eric Simmons

Denise McAllister Twitter: Hell for the mother who kills her unborn child will be the inescapable eternal wail of her baby dying from the cuts and burns she inflicted.

  • The largest percentage of LGBTQI+ people are bi-sexual.
  • What does that tell you?
  • We want sex w/ whoever we want w/ no consequences at all.








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BREAKING NEWS: US private payrolls rise just 128,000 in May, well below the 300,000 expected, ADP says.

  • We aren’t as gun affectionate as you guys in America but our hunting is a big past time for many Canadians.
  • What is the justification for the confiscation? 
  • I don’t know what is going to happen, the cynic in me says we will remain teflon forever.
  • Even Hillary Clinton didn’t win her last election. 
  • People will ultimately fall.
  • I think legally his party is going to be under fire soon.
  • QUESTION: What is the definition of Manliness? 
  • This can manifest in different ways depending or emphasize different virtues when whatever he is doing serves the purpose he has in life.
  • You can’t have the view that everything has to be perfect and in concert with. 
  • The same Pope said I’m going to bring Cupich in.
  • The WHO 13 amendments – they all failed. 
   Caller Gadsden from Wisconsin

  • Friend of mine is in the active Marine Corps and with all of this LGBTQI+ woke stuff, he has decided to remove himself from the corps.
  • He is concerned about long deployment too but mostly b/c of the woke stuff that is being forced on them.
  • All hail Ron DeSantis in Florida – 

HEADLINE: Florida Posts Openings for State Guard That Democrats Call a ‘Vigilante Militia’ by Nathan Crooks 

  • What is an O6 – that is officer level Captain or above.

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   John Hayward on Twitter: Nobody involved will want to hear this, but all this Pride Month stuff blasting from every branch of the government and military, plus every corporation and media outlet, is totalitarian. It’s the definition of totalitarianism, in fact: no-escape political messaging.


 HEADLINE: Florida Posts Openings for State Guard That Democrats Call a ‘Vigilante Militia’ by Nathan Crooks

FROM THE ARTICLE: The Florida State Guard, or FLSG, will include 400 guard members, according to an emailed statement from the governor’s press office on Tuesday. The state is looking for a part-time director with experience in “military style operations” who will oversee recruitment, training and mobilization of the force.

  • You’re thinking of universal open carry – that is not what it says.
  • A well regulated Militia – to MAKE REGULAR – be a necessary to a free state – 

  • They gain the power and they never give it back.
  • Just like what we saw with the pandemic.
  • We are still battling to get our right to fly w/o a mask.
  • They just won’t give up the power.


 AUDIO/VIDEO: Caitlyn Jenner on Sean Hannity discussing Lia ThomasThis isn’t Lia Thomas’ fault, it’s really the woke world that’s out there right now gave Lia Thomas the ability to honestly take away medals from other athletes.

  • Caitlyn Jenner isn’t doing anyone any favors. 
  • This is a man dressing as a woman, that takes a woman names discussing how Lia is this that and the other.

HEADLINE: Defeminisation by Frank Wright  

  • How to deal with extreme jealousy towards cis women? – on @MalesOfRebddit
  • This man HATES his beautiful co-worker because she is everything he is not.
  • This is a cry for help.
  • He is about to kill this woman. 
  • This is RED flag with a RED flashing light on PUBLIC display.
  • Amber Heard and Jack Sparrow – 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow 

HEADLINE: Johnny Depp Wins Defamation Lawsuit Against Ex-Wife Amber Heard by Jack Phillips 

  • Jury also rules in favor of Heard’s counterclaim after Depp’s lawyer called her abuse allegations a hoax.
  • Hey what about Nick Sandmann, Matt Gaetz and Kyle Rittenhouse?
  • You guys ran with stories about them, ruining their lives w/o all the fact.
   AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing

Doocy – When are you guys gonna’ admit that you were wrong about inflation?

Jean-Pierre – When she did here hit w/ CNN yesterday what she meant was there were unforeseen things that we just couldn’t force.

3h25m Elon Musk and Tesla

  • Elon hit send on a few emails the other day to his employees.
  • He tells them that ‘working from home’ is no longer an option.
  • Anyone that wants to do ‘remote work’ must be in the office for a minimum and I mean minimum for 40 hours per week or depart Tesla. 
  • This is the real pandemic.
  • People just don’t want to work anymore.
  • They want to stay home and collect a paycheck and you can forget MANUAL labor.
  • Most Americans don’t get more work done at home.
  • There are too many distractions in your own home to make that 100% the case across the board. 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing 

Doocy – The Sec Treasury said she was wrong about inflation but the WH was not wrong?

Jean-Pierre – the twists and turns on both pandemic and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. This is Putins price hike.


Doocy – Who decided after 6 or 8 weeks that this baby formula shortage was finally something that somebody should tell the president about?

AUDIO/VIDEO:  Joe Biden being questioned about baby formula shortage

  HEADLINE: ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Isn’t Just Nostalgia For The 80s, It’s Nostalgia For American Greatness by Elle Renyolds 

  • ‘Maverick’ celebrates greatness in a way that our modern, victimizing, equity-obsessed culture has largely forgotten how to do. 
  • Inseparable from greatness are duty, loyalty, bravery, integrity, and responsibility. “Top Gun: Maverick” celebrates them all, in a manner that’s rarely found outside of war epics like “Saving Private Ryan” or “Band of Brothers.”
  HEADLINE: One-Third of Americans Making $250,000 Live Paycheck-to-Paycheck, Survey Finds by Alex Tanzi 

  • $83,000 for a Dodge 2022 used truck w/ 10,000 miles on it – I saw the sticker price myself.
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