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The Mike Church Show-Trump Throws His Own Vaccines Under The Bus As The Covid Cult Collapse Continues

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  • Crusader – Mass of Ages in Cincinnati Ohio Event
  • Novak Djokovic was deported from Australia 
  • CMS Mandate – all medical services and employees, they all have to be vaccinated now
  HEADLINE: Humiliated Novak Djokovic lands back in Serbia to a hero’s welcome after being deported from Australia as he now faces being ousted from the French Open after politicians voted in law banning all unvaccinated people from entering sports arenas by Lauren Lewis and Brett Lackey

  • They thew him out of Australia but he left w/ his head held high.
  • They did force him to wear a mask as he departed but arrived in Serbia w/ a massive heroes welcome.
41m Life Insurance Companies – 

  • Not complying w/ paying death benefits due to COVID vaccine.
  • This is happening soon as they are simply broke and can’t pay out for all the deaths.
  • This was shown in the Indiana story.
  • Who has to pay the debt of the dead?
  • Who pays the Death costs if the insurance company doesn’t? 
  • CMS Mandate
  • Many of these employees will say I told you no the first time, they will lose their jobs.
  • There will be a shortage of employees in all hospitals soon.
  • There is no money on this planet to pay all the medicaid and medicare plus the PENSION benefits to these Boomers.
  • What do we do since there is no money?
  • They are going to kill them off, it is already happening now.
  HEADLINE: Activists, Muslim groups called for release of ‘Lady Al-Qaeda’ before terrorist took hostages at Texas synagogue by The Post Millennial 
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   Logan’s Run 
   AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump Arizona Rally‘The American people must take their lives and future back. Enough is enough, leave our children alone w/ their strong immune systems.’
1h17m  AUDIO/VIDEO: Vaccine Safety Research Foundation‘If Pfizer and the FDA can cover up Maddie’s injury, how can we trust them they won’t do the same to your child?’

HEADLINE: Help us spread the word about Maddie de Garay and the Trusted News Initiative by Steve Kirsch 

  • Within 24 hours of her 2nd injection she was in the ER w/ a feeding tube and she has bouts of shaking uncontrollably. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Stephanie & Maddie de GarayRoundtable discussion w/ vaccine injured & medical experts. 

  • How many parents experienced this?
  • The Pfizer company cold called parents asking them to join the children’s clinical trial.
  • This is a Malthusian event.
  • There is no concern for anyones actual health. 
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital – 
  • This is a renown children’s hospital.
  • Why are clinical trials being done on children for a virus that doesn’t even affect them?

HEADLINE: Glenn Youngkin bans critical race theory, ends mask mandates in schools on first day as Virginia governor by The Post Millennial 

  • This will be something for the Trump campaign to think about.
  • The Trump campaign ran a base-driven campaign.
  • If this is the path to victory, in VA with Youngkin, that isn’t something the Trump style of campaigning can do.
  • The gun control issue seems to have gone away here.
  • There will be a focus on economics issues here in VA but there seems to be a focus of improving VA as a whole.
  • 2015 Trump had real issues, it was a work of art, in 2021 it wasn’t he just talked about some of the ‘good things’ he had done.
  • The vaccine mandates aren’t what his base-line like and Americans don’t like it.
  • QUESTION: Do you think he is gearing up for 2024?
  • I don’t think he is all in at all to run for Presidency.
  • He had too many grifters on his team.
  • JD Vance – Hillbilly Elegy book
  • As he runs for the Senate, the Hillbilly Elegy author has gone from media darling to establishment pariah. Is his new, fiery, right-wing persona an act? Or is something more interesting going on?

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  HEADLINE: Australia Is Safe Again From Mortal Danger by Good Citizen Substack 


AUDIO/VIDEO: Klaus Schwab opens World Economic Forum’svirtual “Davos Agenda” and introduces China’s Xi Jinping. 

  • What does net zero actually mean?
  • That means zero carbon emissions.
  • What do humans breath out?


 HEADLINE: A National Strategy for the “New Normal” of Life With COVID

  • Because he can’t go all in with the Truth, he can’t embrace talk about or warn people avoid and overcome these demons.
  • The space we occupy is occupied by both humans and demons.
  • These hospitals don’t seem to care about caring for people. 
  • They care about recouping the money they had to spend to get their doctor degree.
  • They now spend the first several years trying to pay that crazy amount of debt back!
  • Putting people in that much debt makes them seek out bad ways to get out from underneath it.
   Crusader Mass of All Ages – Father Shannon Collins – 
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Written by: Justin Redman

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