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  Glory and Shine to the Crusade Channel

  • The BIGGEST announcement of all announcements for the Crusade Channel
  • Free Farm Friday
  • Russia/Ukraine Conflict updates
  Ukraine/Russia Conflict

  • Where is the Biden Regime gonna’ get the $10 billion Biden promised to Ukraine?
  • Did we miss the declaration of how much we are sending to Ohio?
42m HEADLINE: The Real Pandemic in America Today: Obesity by Chris Buskirk Jr

  • So just how did we get all of these vaccines so quickly?
  • Where did the glass come from?
  • Where did the needles come from?
  • They are saying we had 4 million vials of COVID-19 vaccines.

HEADLINE: Lee County Florida GOP Passes Resolution to ‘Ban the Jab’ and Confiscate the Doses by Debra Heine 

There are 2 camps: “split largely into two camps: whether banning the injections would be an infringement of individual choice and the prevailing view—that a lack of informed consent is not consent.”

  • Lee County GOP states that strong and credible evidence exists that injections are “biological and technological weapons” and cites various sources to substantiate its allegation that “government agencies, media and tech companies, and other corporations, have committed enormous fraud by claiming Covid injections are safe and effective.”
  Caller Cindy from Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis

  • Not everyone here in Florida believes the sun rises and sets w/ Ron DeSantis.
  • He doesn’t do everything right like most of us, he isn’t w/o faults.
  Secession Maps from Brian McClanahan Tweet

  • Big Willy’s map w/ Neo Wakanda takes the award for humor. 
  • Big Willy also has Crackerstan and Ozarkistan, both great names too.
  • Ukraine will become Haiti – mark my word.
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Norfolk Southern 

  • The train car appears to have been on fire a full 41 minutes before the actual derailment in East Palestine OH.
  • Do you know what the modern purpose of the caboose was?
  • It wasn’t for the dignitaries to ride in the back.
  • It was a mobile operation quarter for the person that monitors the WHOLE train while in motion, identify any issues and fix them.
  • If there was a caboose w/ someone in it on that train, they would have seen this fire and stopped the derailment before it occurred. 
  • They replaced the caboose w/ new high tech censors.
  • Why didn’t any of these censor pick up this increase in temperature?
  • So they removed the human element and gave the job to a computer.

Special Guest David Kernall

The Golden Truth Ticket is BACK!!!

  • This will be the 4th KIA the Crusade Channel has given away and this is John Wick 4 this is no coincidence! 
  • We will be giving away a brand new KIA Seltos!
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  • We are going to kick this contest off strong!
  AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing

Karine Jean-PierreThe cabinet is majority people of color for the 1st time in history. The cabinet is majority female for the 1st time in history. A majority of WH senior staff identify as female and a record 7 assistants to the president are LGBTQ+.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Janet Yellen Treasury SecIn the coming months, we expect to provide around $10BILLION in additional economic support for Ukraine.

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  The Friday Bee Gees Super Medley 

That TKD insist on continuing to play…not matter what Maggie says.

2h47m AUDIO/VIDEO: Pete Buttigieg Press Secretary Kerry Arndt claims reporter (Savanah Hernandez) asking questions while filming is aggressiveI will answer any questions you may have but I don’t want to be filmed. It feels very aggressive asking while filming. 
2h55m AUDIO/VIDEO: Bodycam footage shows a cop shooting a tear gas grenade *into police lines* causing them to retreat for air.

  • When is the prosecution of the January 6th committee going to happen?
  • There is no visible barricade. 
  • They cops retreated b/c another cop tear gassed his own people. 
  • Such blatant disregard for the truth.
  • Ultimately reality will catch up to a liar.
  • The truth will always come out one way or another.
  • What does the video recording show on Pelosi?
  • What did she say to the Sergeant at Arms, the Capital Police?
  • When did she give the order to vacate? 
  • Why was Nancy’s relative there w/ a camera crew that day? 
  HEADLINE: Micro-Communitarian Solution: Part 1 by BJ Labre via KingDude Substack

  • Individualism: One of the many erroneous philosophies plaguing our land. But, here’s the thing. Most of the “good guys” are just as guilty of being individualistic as the rest of the anarchic population around them. So, the tyranny grows while we atomize.  
  • It is quite the dilemma. If everyone is FOR THEMSELF, how can a counter-revolution begin? In essence, the TROOPS WON’T MUSTER. Too many chiefs? Maybe. Too many fools? Definitely.
3h02m Back to January 6 

  • Is there audio where Ashli Babbitt got shot?
  • Secession will not solve this problem per-say.
  • The threat may help.


Free Farm Friday

Farmer Dan M from New Jersey

Farmer Brian K from Texas

Egg Bound Chickens – 

HEADLINE: Egg Bound Chicken: All You Need To Know 

  • An egg-bound chicken has unique symptoms which you can easily spot if you know what to look for. 
  • ‘Egg bound’ means she has an egg stuck somewhere in her oviduct. The usual place is between the uterus and the cloaca. Sometimes you can even see it from the cloaca/vent.

Potato Slips 

  • Dig vs no dig
  • Adding to hay vs dropping them in the dirt.
  • Adding wood ash to the slips before planting.
  • QUESTION: Why is this a key step?
  • ANSWER: Helps keep the bugs off the potatoes that would normally eat the slips. Also the ash lowers the ph which potatoes like the lower ph to thrive in. 
  • Some people apply it to the potato slip and that’s it but some also apply to the potato directly AND add to the soil around the slips.
  • QUESTION: What type of hay do I need to cover the slips?
  • ANSWER: Hay that has NOT been sprayed to prohibit weeds.
  • If it is sprayed w/Grayson it stays on that for about 18 months.
  • You don’t want this on your potatoes b/c it will kill your potato growth. 
  • You also have to watch using cow manure from cows that eat hay sprayed w/ that. 
  • So if the chemical is that powerful that it comes out in their poop, what does it do to the meat?
  • Starting from seedlings – 
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