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The Mike Church Show-We Have The Tapes! The Deep State Orchestrated The Biden Coup And Coverup That Was Jan. 6th

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  • Tucker Carlson aired all Jan 6th tapes and the left is losing their minds
  • Chuck Schumer went on the Senate floor & called Tucker a liar
  • Nord Stream pipeline – who actually blew it up?


















January 6th and Tucker Carlson 

  • Remember Alexandra Pelosi, Nancy’s daughter, was there to ‘film her mother’ like a day in the life on THAT specific day?
  • We are rehashing stuff we have previously presented b/c the new video footage has surfaced.
  • They put up barricades because they planned for 1/2 million people and they wanted to contain them. 
  • It was the same stuff they put out for parades here in NOLA.
  • Why was the location changed?
  • Do you remember Trump saying in his speech, Mike Pence needs to do the right thing?
  • To me it sounded like he truly believed Pence was going to do the right thing.
  • What happened when Pence gaveled the Senate back into order?
  • The guilt trip was laid out over what happened and then there was a motion laid out to CERTIFY yes or no.
  • There wasn’t even a COUNT of the votes.
  • Nothing was read out loud other than certification.
  • That is what happened. 
  • There was no attempt to take the government down.
  • There was no insurrection.
  • There was however an INSTALLATION of a new regime.
  • Remember when Joe Biden first said “God Bless our Troops”?
  • We all thought that was truly weird.
  • POTUS 45, and to our knowledge has never called Biden President. 
  • On January 7th Donald Trump was still President of the US.
  • What did they tell him about what was known about the “insurrection”?
  • He then told people to ‘go home’, that isn’t what needs to happen – he never said to riot.
  • He did in-fact tell people to PEACEFULLY walk over to the Capitol and voice their concerns.
  • How do we know Mike Pence wasn’t going to put a fork in Biden?
  • QUESTION: What is the first thing Pelosi did? 
  • QUESTION: What was the next thing?
  • ANSWER: Electoral College Reform Act
  • They did both of these things b/c they wanted to ensure what Pence was gonna do can NEVER happen.
  • We shouldn’t allow these tapes and what they hid from us to blow over.
  • Senator Schumer hit the Senate floor and bashed Tucker, a private citizen.

Senator Chuck Schumer slams Tucker Carlson & Fox News – Disregard of the risks and knowing full well he was LYING to the public. He said the January 6th attack was NOT an insurrection. He cherrypicked video footage & somehow this wasn’t an attack at all.Senator AUDIO/VIDEO: Chuck Schumer slams Tucker Carlson & Fox NewsDisregard of the risks and knowing full well he was LYING to the public. He said the January 6th attack was NOT an insurrection. He cherrypicked video footage & somehow this wasn’t an attack at all.

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Crusader Monastery Prayer 

Alise – young lady shot in the chest and is undergoing surgery today at noon, this will be the last ditch effort to save her life. Pray she amends her life and can save her soul. (Brian K, our resident farmers niece.)

Sarah Grant – has terminal cancer and is in her last stages of life. She will leave behind 6 children. 

1h39m AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump on January 6th – I just spoke w/ Mike Pence, and I told him he has the authority to send the votes back to the states to re-certify.  

  • I did see a Capitol Hill cop shoot a woman at point blank range.
  • I didn’t see a completely violent insurrection.
  • This was a mostly peaceful protest.
  • There were of course some hoodlums. 
  • Why was there never a tape played during the Jan 6 Committee hearing of someone yelling “get him” to Senator Schumer? 
  • It didn’t happen.
1h57m Hillsborough Disaster 

97 people died that day and 766 injuries – now THAT is a riot

  • How many people died on January 6th?
  • How many people were injured that day?

AUDIO/VIDEO: McConnell on Tucker releasing video of January 6thI think it was a mistake for Tucker Carlson to say and depict it as not being a violent, deadly insurrection. 

AOC Lied about January 6 – 

  • She has repeatedly said she feared for her life b/c of the very close encounter.
  • What did her sexual assault have to do w/ January 6th?
  • Representative Katie Porter said she had plenty of supplies in her office to sustain them.
  • A Rep from California has supplies for a deadly insurrection?
  • If you really look into AOC’s story she was actually a block away.
  • She wasn’t even in the building where the people entered.
  • They have redefined what a man is, what peaceful protest is and now what a riot is.
  • When a crowd gets out of control and moves in a certain direction that is a riot.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson plays montage of corporate media losing their minds over the new Jan 6 footage he airedThis is just too hilarious to not assemble this montage. 

  • Potemkin Village – the Germans didn’t build that you idiot!
  • That was 100% Stalin, who is Russian.
  • Then the Federal footage excuse – so we as the little American citizens we are shouldn’t have access to that?
  • Boondoggle – we don’t need industry we just need money. It failed and everyone left. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Anderson Cooper on CNN discussing TuckerI find it hard to understand someone that has never been put into harms way but has the audacity to attempt to rewrite history on the most consequential events in American democracy.

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Brother Andre Marie 

Follow Brother Andre on GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre

Host of ReConquest aired only on The Crusade Channel

  • Thank you to everyone that prayed for me yesterday as I had my disposition. 
  • A lot could be riding on this I mean it b/c it is very ugly and it has complicated what we do here.
  • It has been quite the ordeal.
  • He punched my manliness in the gut – fasting show.
  • One meal a day TKD has been doing this all Lent thus far.
  • Saint Thomas – his father was a knight and several of his brothers were also Knights. They were very well off. The younger child, at that time, it was customary the YOUNGER children would be turned over to God.
  • Angelic Warfare Confraternity – 

HEADLINE: Saint Thomas Aquinas by Brother Thomas Mary Sennott 

  • I was told by a fellow Priest that said anytime he would be tempted by inappropriate thoughts he would do math problems.
  • He said to rid yourself of those thoughts, take on learning something hard.
  • Saint Thomas once confided to his friend Saint Bonaventure, that whatever he knew, he had for the most part learned from the Book of the Crucifix. One day while he was in prayer, Jesus spoke to him from the crucifix saying, “Well hast thou written of Me, Thomas: what reward wouldst thou have?” Chesterton, commenting on this, says: “Nobody supposes that Thomas Aquinas, when offered by God his choice among all the gifts of God, would ask for a thousand pounds, or the crown of Sicily, or a present of rare Greek wine. But he might have asked for things that he really wanted; and he was a man who could want things; as he wanted the lost manuscript of Saint Chrysostom. He might have asked for the solution of an old difficulty; or the secret of a new science; or a flash of the inconceivable intuitive mind of the angels; or any one of a thousand things that really would have satisfied his broad and virile appetite for the very vastness and variety of the universe. The point is that for him, when the voice spoke from between the outstretched arms of the Crucified, those arms were truly opened wide, and opening most gloriously the gates of all the worlds; they were arms pointing to the east and to the west, to the ends of the earth and the very extremes of existence. They were truly spread out with a gesture of omnipotent generosity; the Creator Himself offering Creation itself; with all its million-fold mystery of separate beings, and the triumphal chorus of the creatures. Saint Thomas, when he at last lifted his head, spoke with that almost blasphemous audacity, which is one with humility: ‘I will have Thyself.’”

The Dominican Nuns are cloistered – for them they belong to the Order of Preachers. 

  • For them study is penance.
  • Subtle Matter
  • This is a commentary on the Book of Job.
  • Saint Gregory the Great – 
  • Saint Thomas blazes a new trail in commenting on the Book of Job.
  • As a mature theologian his mind had been steeped in the scriptures by this time when he wrote the Summa.
  • When he wrote the Summa he was dictating and when he dictated he didn’t have notes.
  • When he is quoting in the Summa he was doing all this by MEMORY!
  • Pettifogger = someone who quibbles over trivia, and raises petty, annoying objections. 

Tonight’s ReConquest – Episode 366: What Does It Mean to Love Your Enemy? 

HEADLINE: Meekness is Strength by Brother Andre Marie

Joe car accident years ago – he is 20 perfectly abled bodied but his brain just isn’t 100%. 



AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on reaction from Democrats like Chuck SchumerWhat you’re seeing is hysteria, it’s not outrage of course. It’s fear and it’s panic. (then he lists the Republicans that also stood in outrage)

  • What does this show?
  • It shows these elites are on the same side.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Thomas Massie on w/ Tucker Carlson on the January 6th tapesThese tapes need to be released to the American public. Let them sort through the 40,000+ hours of tape from Capitol Hill. We also need a list of the Feds that were actually there so we can see what kind of interactions they had w/ the American people there.

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