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NEWS RELEASE: Maui homeowners urged to exercise caution, report unsolicited offers to buy their properties.

HEADLINE: Did Oprah Winfrey buy land in Hawaii? Property map and acre distribution explored in wake of raging wildfires by Nikita Nikhil 

  • The 69-year-old star owns over 2,000 acres on the island, living to-and-fro between Hawaii and the mainland US for more than 15 years. The farm is situated on the slopes of Haleakalā, a dormant volcano, at an approximate height of 4,000 feet.
  • This location places it at a midpoint between the island’s lowest and highest points. In 2019, Winfrey generously made her own road on the island accessible to the public as a means of aiding people in evacuating from a wildfire.
  • Ulupalakua Ranch sold two bigger properties, one around 520 acres and the other approximately 330 acres, to Winfrey’s Los Angeles-based firm Harpo Inc. on February 10 for $3.89 million and $2.47 million, respectively.

HEADLINE: Hawaii governor says state is looking to ‘acquire land’ that was destroyed in fires by The Post Millennial  

  • He vowed to prevent foreign buyers from swooping in to exploit the tragedy, suggesting the state was better suited to take control of the land.
  • In a separate press conference, Green reiterated his committment to ensure the land was protected for residents, and revealed that he had spoken with the Hawaiian attorney general regarding “options to do a moratorium on any sales of properties that have been damaged or destroyed.”
  • How is it you live on an island in the middle of the ocean and NOT own the property in which you live?
  • Why would you even want to sell it to an outsider?


Donald Trump and Georgia Indictments

  • They never said anything under oath at this subcommittee hearing.
  • The witnesses voluntarily appeared. 
  • So now it is a crime to embellish a story that you heard w/ other people in the room.
  • Who remembers the ballots being moved?
  • Who remembers the video evidence where there were boxes underneath the counting tables?
  • How come Stacey Abrams hasn’t been indicted. 
  • Hillary Clinton, we played the audio yesterday, saying you can run the best campaign and be the best candidate and still have an election stolen from you.
  HEADLINE: How Should Republicans Respond To Fulton County? Indict The Left by Charlie Kirk 

Example: Indicting LaToya the Destroya in NOLA – conspiracy to destroy the city and business owners in the city.

Example: BLM cities that had riots that destroyed the cities.

Indictment Wars!

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1h31m AUDIO/VIDEO: Vivek Ramaswamy w/ Neil Cavuto (Neil tries to imply since there are 91 charges, there must be SOMETHING he did wrong)Just b/c a government has brought a case, if we are going to be a culture that says there must be something b/c the number of charges that is sheepish and if the culture is sheepish that breeds a government of wolves. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: The Five on Fox Greg GutfeldYou don’t think this is totally over the top? This is bullshit! He doesn’t deserve any of this. We know this is designed to banish a political outsider…who predicted this? Chuck Schumer! Why didn’t they indict him until he announced he was running for president?

  HEADLINE: The 3 Amigos of Nullification, Jefferson, Madison & Taylor. Speech by Mike Church 

  • Note that Jefferson used the term [r]epublican with a  lower case r. Jefferson isn’t the only person alarmed at what the Adams Administration and the 6th Congress are doing. Word of their tyranny, and this is what alarmed citizens called it “tyranny” spread back to Virginia faster than an ObamaCare website shutdown and remember the capitol was in New York then. What happens next is probably only known to the official historian of Fredericksburg VA.
  • Why are we just sitting here and doing nothing?
  • They have been just going after Trump but now they have added 18 co-conspirators!
  • Why aren’t we going to complete and total war?
  AUDIO/VIDEO: A 5 Minute Montage of Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams Denying her 2018 Loss 












HEADLINE: Looking at This Nation’s Mess, Small Is More Beautiful Than Ever by Kirkpatrick Sale

  • The reason that more of us don’t come to it is that as a nation we have long been fixated on the value of bigness, size, super-this and colossal-that, immensity, bulk, quantity, greatness, Big Macs, Whoppers, Green Giant, big-box stores, king-size mattresses, global trade, mass production, mcmansions, high rises, double-wides—and the smallest olive size is jumbo.  We’re just not trained to see things in terms of scale, proportion, adequacy, appropriateness.  As a nation we killed nearly a million of our own people to reinforce the value of oneness and largeness, and to punish the idea of division and separateness.
  • But the simple fact is that a nation of more than 300 million people, covering nearly 4 million square miles from ocean to ocean and beyond, cannot be governed, by any system, by any agency, despotic or democratic. And certainly not by a system where 535 people are supposed to legislate for all—one for 58,000 people!—and it takes 4,430,000 to administer to them at the federal level. That is beyond human capability, beyond even angelic ability.
  • “Social problems have the unfortunate tendency to grow at a geometric   ratio…. while the ability of man to cope with them, if it can be extended at all, grows only at an arithmetic ratio.  Which means that if a society grows beyond its optimum size, its problems must eventually outrun the growth of those human faculties which are necessary for dealing with them.” Leopold Kohr
  • People simply cannot reason their way through the fact SMALLER is better.
  • What is the first question we get when we ask for an interview?
  • How many followers do you have?
  • They associate SIZE w/ QUALITY. 
  • Let’s looks at Little Ben Shapiro – 
  • Would any of you point a finger and say b/c ReConquest b/c they don’t have thousands of views on YouTube the content somehow pales in comparison to say Jordon Peterson? 
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HEADLINE: How Should Republicans Respond To Fulton County? Indict The Left by Charlie Kirk 

1. James Biden The Villages

  • Google search that and see what kind of rabbit hole you go down.
  • This is was a FOR profit old people homes scheme.


3. BLM

4. Alejandro Mayorkas


































Brother Andre Marie

Host of ReConquest aired only on The Crusade Channel

Follow Brother on GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre

  • We had to end up suing the town when we needed to dig a new well.
  • We sued them and won and we won big time!
  • Our case is considered a landmark case now.
  • President of the Planning Board – 
  • Do you have any involvement w/ the SPLC?
  • And the President of the Planning Board stated – I’m a card carrying member of the SLPC.
  • Well that sort of blew up in his face b/c he was the one giving information to SLPC about us, it wasn’t actually information it was speculation. 
  • Discovery for them was there was a guy that set up a website against us and we subpoenaed all the emails from him and the President of the Planning Board and they were busted red handed.

HEADLINE: Saint Joachim (4 B.C.) by The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

  • Saint Joachim was the father of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He has his feast on the day after her Assumption. This is by way of a beautiful privilege and a great tribute to this saintly man. Saint Joachim’s name is sometimes contracted into Heli or Eliacim, which means God has judged. God judged him to be worthy to be the father of the greatest of all God’s creatures. Saint Joachim’s wife was Saint Anne. Saint Joachim was told before his death that his child was to be the Mother of God. Mary was the only child of Joachim and Anne. Saint Joachim died when Mary was a consecrated virgin in the Temple of Jerusalem. She sent angels to guard her father in his last agony. Saint Joachim’s feast was first celebrated on September 9, the day after Our Lady’s birthday. Later, it was celebrated on March 20, the day after the feast of Saint Joseph. But now it is solemnly kept on August 16, the day after the glorious Assumption of his daughter into Heaven.
  • Infant of Prague – 

HEADLINE: The Ark of the New Covenant by Brother Andre Marie 

  • When he defined the bodily Assumption of Mary, Pope Pius XII made reference to ark typology: “Often there are theologians and preachers who, following in the footsteps of the holy Fathers, have been rather free in their use of events and expressions taken from Sacred Scripture to explain their belief in the Assumption. Thus, to mention only a few of the texts rather frequently cited in this fashion, some have employed the words of the psalmist: ‘Arise, O Lord, into your resting place: you and the ark, which you have sanctified’ [Ps 131:8]; and have looked upon the ark of the Covenant, built of incorruptible wood and placed in the Lord’s temple, as a type of the most pure body of the Virgin Mary, preserved and exempt from all the corruption of the tomb and raised up to such glory in heaven” ( Munificentissimus Deus , 26).
  • If you did not have the Assumption what would you have?
  • The Quest for Mother Mary’s body.
  • God closes the loop in a Holy way.
  • QUESTION: What is the Arc He sanctified? 
  • ANSWER: Our Lady is the Arc of the new covenant. 

Inside of the Arc there were 3 things that were contained:

  • The Rod of Aaron
  • A gold jar of the manna from the desert (the bread that fell from Heaven)
  • The broken tablets that Moses dropped (the decalog or Word of God)
  • The Mercy Seat – vacant space between the two angels wings
  • This was known as the mercy seat where God would show mercy for us.

ReConquest – Episode 386: ‘Ius in Bello’ and the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki


John Sharp             Mike Church

CJ Doyle                 Brother Andre Marie

Hugh Owen            Charles Coulombe

Chris Devos            Sister Maria Philomena 

3h52m Max Miller (Congressman Ohio District 7)

Tweets this: This is one of the most bigoted tweets I have ever seen. Delete it, Lizzie. Religious freedom in the United States applies to every religion. You have gone too far.

Here is Lizzie’s Tweet: There’s no hope for any of us outside of having faith in Jesus Christ alone.

  • Now a Rabbi comes into the mix here.

Rabbi Yaakov Menken Tweets a response to Max Miller:

  • As a practicing Jew, I feel like I need to say more about this. It is common for non-practicing Jews (which Rep. Miller, as far as one can tell, appears to be) to be very defensive about the faith of others, especially if they somehow feel excluded.
  • Observant Jews are not.
  • Whether it is Miracle Hill Ministries or Holston United working exclusively with Christians, Mormons declaring Jews to be Mormon after their departure from this life, or Christians purportedly supporting Jewish rights and Jewish life in the Jewish homeland solely because of the need for all Jews to be in Israel for the “rapture” (which is undoubtedly true for some, but I’ve heard it denied too many times by Christians who are very honest about their beliefs)… we’re not bothered.
  • We’re not bothered because we have our own beliefs, and we are confident in those beliefs. We are quite certain that G-d knows how to sort it all out in the World to Come. 
  • We are obviously the last ones to whitewash a millennium of European Christian history with Jews. None of us view the Crusaders with respect. But that’s not what we find in America today.
  • If a person believes as Ms. Marbach does, and as a result is kind to Jews, supports our rights to live in our homeland (and defend ourselves), and to educate our children, observe our Sabbath and consume kosher food here in America, what, precisely, is the problem?
  • What we see in Rep. Miller’s tweet (X?) is a display of his own insecurity. He lacks confidence in his own religion enough to brush off her proclamation of a different belief and move on. I would love to see him learn more about the glory of his own heritage.
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