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The New Watergate, Children, Water Hoses and Dust Equal Chemical Warfare!? The Mike Church Show

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Mandeville, LA – The U.S. Government’s official story of chemical weapons being used in Douma Syria by the government of Syria has collapsed. Journalists from The U.S. and the U.K. have investigated and filed reports from Douma and can find no one who was “gassed” nor any hearsay evidence that anyone was “gassed”, much less by Bashar Assad, yet Pentagon media oracles continue peddling the story line while refusing to show their “evidence”. Carrie Gress, author of the Marian Option & The Children’s Marian Option & Consecration to Our Lady books has launched a new site: Helena Daily. Carrie opes up about her expanding, Catholic vocations and the importance of directing efforts explicitly toward women. Brother André Marie makes his weekly, Wednesday appearance and Mike tackles the “Mister Rogers-ization” of the Church Militant!

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Douma and Chemical weapons – so we dropped bombs and it turns out there were no chemical weapons used.



HEADLINE: White House Adviser Apologizes for Saying Haley Was Confused by Jill Colvin, Matthew Lee and Zeke Miller

AUDIO: Nikki Haley on Face the Nation

AUDIO/VIDEO: Evidence or lack there of, chemical attack in Syria

HEADLINE: Famed War Reporter Robert Fisk Reaches Syrian ‘Chemical Attack’ Site, Concludes “They Were Not Gassed”

  • This is just another day at the office.
  • This story is falling apart right in front of your eyes.
  • Forces are joining to produce dark clouds on the horizon.

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6:54RP (start before)

HEADLINE: Mr. Trump takes a swim in the swamp. Can he get out? Does want to get out? by Michael Scheuer

  • morally indignant mantra “Assad gassed his own people!”
  • Trump leads a nation that has killed more than 60-plus millions of its own children
  • Scheuer doesn’t even mention the ‘treasures’ that are squandered in this endeavor.
  • Metal doesn’t grow on trees, it has to be transported, maintained etc
  • The expense of maintaining the War Machine is in the billions.
  • “I don’t work in the weapons department of the Military Industrial Complex”

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Special Guest: Gregory Carpenter aka Junkbond host of Reverse Deception

  • 2 types of chemical weapons that are used.
  • This is literally “Water Gate”
  • Your heart breaks for the citizens of Douma, there is nothing but rubble there. The city has been destroyed.



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 Special Guest: Carrie Gress author of The Marian Option and The Marian Consecration for Children

  • great site to treat the whole woman
  • we tend to compartmentalize as women
  • I feel like I am over my head at this point.
  • Product line coming out soon so I will be back with more information on that.
  • How My Favorite Things got started
  • Did you have any trepidation using the “C” word so prominently?
  • Better for us to focus on the women we wanted to hit and it will eventually spread to others.
  • I cannot get around the use of the word Catholicism. My book is called The Marian Option!
  • The Children’s Book – it is well ahead of where the Marian Option was at this time of its’ release.
  • Michael Hesseman author of Mary of Nazareth got kicked off FB
  • Advice to young women from Saints that we haven’t tapped into yet.
  • There are women out there that don’t fit the radical feminist mold.
  • Joanna and Chip Gaines
  • TV network with the issue – hammered by the LGBTQ community, they issued a statement and it kinda’ blew away instead of blowing up. They weathered that storm perfectly.
  • A Quiet Place, Carrie’s Bishop recommended seeing it. No dialogue at all throughout the whole movie.




 Special Guest: Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest

  • Pope Francis says there IS in-fact a hell
  • Babies Make Families
  • If the children honor their parents and the mother honors her husband, you will have a society that values honor.
  • We live in a society that despises honor.
  • The Christian life is up living by Christ.
  • If we got the “family” here, we would understand the “supernatural family”.
  • We are divinely adopted into a supernatural family.
  • The line in the Creed – I believe in God
  • Restored Marriage and then elevated it to a Christian Sacrament
  • Marriage as it was “from the beginning”
  • Adam was patterned after Jesus Christ and was given a bride from his side.

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Caller: Nino Vitale from Ohio update on his wife LillyAnn

  • I was shocked at how many people reached out to me from the Crusade Family.
  • It has been overwhelming all the support and prayer we have received.
  • God doesn’t give you what you can handle, he gives you MORE than you can handle. You ask him for the grace to handle it and he gives you the grace to handle the situation at hand.
  • God has the plan
  • Our Creator programed our cells to know what to do!
  • Took stem cells from her brother and put them into LillyAnn.
  • Ohio Pastor Protection Act –
  • Ohio Life Protection Act – 286 pages because abortion is so prolific (strike out language, it is removing things from the code, NOT adding)
  • We have removed the Ultimate Authority – God
  • We have replaced God with government
  • Who is your favorite President? King Louis IX
9:19  HEADLINE: Arrival of chemical inspectors in Douma ‘delayed by gunfire’


Back to HEADLINE: Mr. Trump takes a swim in the swamp. Can he get out? Does want to get out? by Michael Scheuer

  • You simply cannot operate such a huge war machine abroad for this long and not go broke.
  • Never-ending war is never the solution


HEADLINE: The Mister Rogers-ification of Christianity by Grayson Quay

  • The canonization of people at their funerals.



After the flood God starts looking for a man he can entrust that from that man will come all others. Who did he choose? Abram

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