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The Renaissance ‘Muricah Needs: Stop Telling Our Children To Leave Hearth & Home! – The Mike Church Show

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    The Renaissance ‘Muricah Needs: Stop Telling Our Children To Leave Hearth & Home! – The Mike Church Show candacechurch

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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From The Barrett Brief – the new electric motorcycle line from Harley Davidson.

President Trump Mueller Report and the redactions.

Member of Congress to President Trump: ‘What would happen if a copy that wasn’t redacted got leaked to the media?’




HEADLINE: The Nationalist Delusion by David Devine

The Nation of Islam – Louis Farrakhan

  • These people for the most part are beyond reasoning.
  • Try reasoning with a Lib.
  • Like the guy on Twitter the other day “Abortion saves lives.”


HEADLINE: ‘As a bishop, it is my duty to warn the West’: An interview with Cardinal Sarah by Chad Pecknold

  • The thing about our beloved Saintly Popes and Bishops, they write to the world.
  • They say things that they want non-Catholics to hear.
  • There is a BIG distinction here.
  • When I read this article last night, I felt like a little boy at a football game. I just wanted to cheer him on.









BACK to Headline – David Devine

  • “The Market Will Take Care of The Rest”
  • The market cannot take care of moral decisions.
  • You could make the case it contributes to them.
  • When you sell little girls panties for 8-10 year olds that can hold little fake penises b/c you think they want to be a boy, this doesn’t aid in the morality of humans.
  • Benefits – so they are paying you LESS of a salary and offering to sign you up for ‘benefits’. The $8,000 in benefits they are offering you, you could have purchased for $2,000!
  • God will always love you no matter how rotten you get.
  • As the Gospel says!
  • Let’s go back to this ‘benefit’ nonsense.
  • We kicked out our manufacturers. 
  • We told them family didn’t matter.
  • The bad guys didn’t do this, the American people did this!
  • We told our children NOT to be a carpenter like their fathers.
  • We told our children NOT to be mechanics like their fathers before them.

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46m Raising Chivalrous Young Men In An Increasingly Decadent Society

May 18th Woodbridge NJ 












 Back to Headline – ‘As a bishop, it is my duty to warn the West’: An interview with Cardinal Sarah by Chad Pecknold

  • “In particular, I would like to emphasize the rejection of fatherhood. Our contemporaries are convinced that, in order to be free, one must not depend on anybody. There is a tragic error in this. Western people are convinced that receiving is contrary to the dignity of human persons. But civilized man is fundamentally an heir, he receives a history, a culture, a language, a name, a family. This is what distinguishes him from the barbarian. To refuse to be inscribed within a network of dependence, heritage, and filiation condemns us to go back naked into the jungle of a competitive economy left to its own devices. Because he refuses to acknowledge himself as an heir, man is condemned to the hell of liberal globalization in which individual interests confront one another without any law to govern them besides profit at any price.” – Cardinal Sarah
  • This refusal is a rejection of God!
  • How many times have I told you this whole fabrication of transitioning and tranny this and that and the mutation and mutilation of the bodies…what I have been talking about for years is correct.
  • At the end of the day what is this? It is a rejection of God!
  • Now we have Cardinal Sarah writing about it in his book! This is wonderful!

























Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

Follow Mr. Hichborn here: @MichaelHichborn  @LepantoInst

Have you read the interview at the Catholic Herald?

  • Christians must be missionaries. They cannot keep the treasure of the Faith for themselves. Mission and evangelization remain an urgent spiritual task. And as St. Paul says, every Christian should be able to say “If I proclaim the gospel, this gives me no ground for boasting, for an obligation is laid on me, and woe to me if I do not proclaim the gospel!”  “The goal of evangelization is not world domination, but the service of God. Don’t forget that Christ’s victory over the world is…the Cross! It is not our intention to take over the power of the world. Evangelization is done through the Cross.” – Cardinal Sarah 
  • I don’t know much about Cardinal Sarah but this truly brings me joy.
  • He is reminding us this is NOT our home. This is not where we belong.
  • This life on Earth is a testing ground.
  • The test is a test of “Do you love Christ or do you love the world?”
  • Try to be faithful and stop worrying about all the other things.
  • Work on what you can change…YOU.
  • How can we do nothing when so many souls don’t know? 
  • Father Feeney said this and they kicked him out of the Church so Cardinal Sarah better watch out.
  • Do you want to live on this Earth permanently? I sure don’t.
  • “Christian humanism is a philosophy that combines Christian ethics and humanist principles.”
  • So if this is what Pope Francis has set out to do, then yes he has been successful.
  • All of these are focused on the world and humanity.
  • What a wonderful world this would be…if you would just embrace with your whole heart and soul – ‘The Church Is The Guardian of Civilization’
  • Cardinal Sarah is the opposite of Bagdad Bob!
  • Some rebel against God and mutilate their bodies.

HEADLINE: Former trans clinic workers demand end to ‘experiment’ on kids by Dorothy Cummings McLean

  • Intermingling human DNA with various animals.
  • Scientific point of view – they are always running around saying they are going to find the ‘God’ particle. They never do.
  • Every action in a living human entity causes a reaction and the DNA contain the dynamic construction set if ‘x’ occurs.
  • Holy Week and dispensations – last week of Lent is supposed to be the most vigorous! 
  • Lent is a marathon not a sprint!
  • Rome March For Life
  • John Paul II Academy on Life – Hichborn will be speaking about being declared brain dead.
  • 20th & 21st of May
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HEADLINE: California Gov. Gavin Newsom Will Sign Bill Mandating Free Abortions at All Colleges and Universities by Molly Prince

  • I am absolutely speechless on this!
  • What is next?
  • So we are going to mandate this at Catholic Universities also?
  • The state of California is bankrupt so where is the money coming from for these FREE abortions?
  • This state is simply full on demonic now.
  • Are there any good people left in California?
  • You are teaching them to be leaders in the taking of human life. 
  • There is no coming back from this.
  • Will there be requirements for students to get their free abortion? 
  • You must have a certain GPA to kill your baby free.
  • You must have been enrolled ‘x’ months in this university before your abortion is free.
  • This one doesn’t even make logical sense. 
  • The universities are about to become abortuatreums. 
  • The fault cannot open up wide enough to swallow up these people.



 HEADLINE: When the Police Come for Your Driver’s License by Brandon Garrett

  • “A new report shows that millions of Americans’ lives have been shattered—just because they can’t pay petty traffic fines.”
  • “1.2 million North Carolinians who have had their licenses suspended for non-driving-related reasons, according to court records. That’s a whopping one in seven adult drivers in the state.”
2h24m HEADLINE: Why The Media Won’t Drop The SPLC Despite Its Obvious Corruption by Warren Henry



HEADLINE: Feminists Couldn’t Get Trans Ideology Out Of UK Public Schools, But Muslims Did by Libby Emmons

  • MumsNet a forum for UK moms and dads.
  • QUESTION: why could not conservative, devout Catholics that had their children attending these private schools, why couldn’t they go and say hey it’s against our religion to teach the LGBTQ stuff?
  • ANSWER: they aren’t ETHNIC minorities they are told to go pound sand.
  • If you end pluralism the problem is solved.
2h32m HEADLINE: Paula Radcliffe: Transgender runners who identify as female get ‘unfair’ advantage to qualify for Boston Marathon by Jack Hardy

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