The Theology of Home-Feminist Kryptonite – Interview With Carrie Gress

Written by on 09/09/2019

The Theology of Home, Feminist Kryptonite – Interview With Carrie Gress

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Special Guest Dr. Carrie Dress author of The Anti-Mary Exposed, The Marian Option and her latest Theology of Home: Finding the Eternal in the Everyday

  • I don’t think she has made the conversion as of yet.
  • Did you know that the name Carrie is a derivative of Mary?
  • Southern Homes and Living but for Catholics. – new book
  • It is but it really has some meat in it too.
  • “Home. It is an elegant word, at once both simple and far-reaching. Home is a place to live in and feel comfortable, but it is much more than that.
  • Home is where we are nurtured, where we live, and where we love. The language of Home is universal. It is where we find the eternal in the everyday.
  • But the Home has been neglected. To millions of women today, there is nothing worse than being a “homemaker.” If only they knew the supreme value (and reward) of giving loved ones a place to call Home.   
  • Very different project from what I usually write and it was such a joy to write.
  • The photography in this book is amazing. We used old colonial style historic homes in the Carolinas etc.
  • Everyone today is operating on emotions and feelings instead of actual theology and knowledge.
  • The Death Star Approach 
  • Women are really searching for joy and peace and we aren’t providing them a way to “get back to that”.
  • This doesn’t uproot them it provides them with a way back to what they truly already feel.
  • QUESTION: How many images/statues do you have in your home?
  • The same exact argument from the 1960’s. There is a different way to live ladies.
  • They are up against the whole edifice of the culture.
  • “Shades of Gress” 

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