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The Vatican Has A MAJOR Problem When Egypt Starts Acting More Catholic-y

today03/11/2024 48

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HEADLINE: Coptic Orthodox Church Suspends Ecumenical Dialogue with Catholic Church Over Fiducia Suplicans by Catholic Vote 


Brother Andre Marie

Host of ReConquest aired only on the Crusade Channel.

  • The Russian Orthodox church is the single largest not in union w/ Rome.
  • The plenary session of the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church suspended all theological dialogue with the Catholic Church due to the publication of the declaration Fiducia Supplicans, which allowed blessings for “same-sex couples.”
  • Here is where it gets good: After consultation with the sister churches of the Eastern Orthodox family, it was decided to suspend the theological dialogue with the Catholic Church, re-evaluate the results that the dialogue has achieved since its beginning twenty years ago, and establish new standards and mechanisms for the dialogue to proceed.
  • The word orthodox here is used differently.
  • They are in official schism – they only recognize 3 Ecumenical Councils. 
  • Later in the document, the synod states that “the Coptic Orthodox Church affirms its firm position of rejecting all forms of homosexual relationships, because they violate the Holy Bible and the law by which God created man male and female.” 
  • Coptic – the Egyptians don’t call themselves Egyptian they are known as Copts.
  • The coptic church is like calling it the Egyptian Church.
  • Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Hilarion of Budapest and Hungary said in December 2023 that he was “shocked” by the Vatican’s declaration. 
  • I have serious problems w/ them to begin with.
  • They have a lot of errors they have adopted over the years but here they are defending Catholic morals and there is an ambiguous message coming out of Rome these days.
  • You can’t just say the Catholic churches teachings on marriage are insoluble. 
  • You will always have confusion when you muddy the waters.
  • It is being used for illicit purposes as they intended.
  • The horror that happened at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC.
  • That man dressed as a woman said the Pope made homosexual marriages okay now.
  • So it is being used for the purpose that was behind the writing to begin with.
  • The Vatican should know better and they should know how the MSM spins and washes things.
  • If they don’t it is inexcusable naiveté. 
  • Once the news is out you can’t spin it back to the original.
  • It is not that we don’t talk to sinners because they are icky…that isn’t charitable.
  • Absolutely what did Christ do?
  • He called them back from sin!
  • He ate with them but demanded they reform their life away from the sinful life they were living.
  • He called them to repentance by showing mercy.
  • He didn’t chunk justice out the window.
  • Priests should reach out to those in irregular relationships but not to tell them you are fine where they are.
  • The Pastoral approach needs to be show this sin for what it is, ask and help the sinner reform their life and to repent.
  • That is how the liberals work – 
  • They are making an end run around the Church’s faith and morals.
  • They aren’t changing the teachings but they are doing things to show in their minds it has changed.
  • Temper justice w/ mercy but there is a purpose to that.

Written by: Justin Redman