Tuesday-The Delicious Irony Of #Demoncrats “Ruining” The Iowa Caucus After Falsely Accusing Trump of Doing It For 11 Days

Written by on 02/04/2020

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HEADLINE: Democrats Are Lying About My Argument by Alan M. Dershowitz 

HEADLINE: Joe Biden Claims His Son Held Burisma Position Because He’s ‘A Very Bright Guy’ by Chrissy Clark

  • Joe Biden is a very aggressive man.
  • Not only to female people but to men also.

HEADLINE: [Exclusive] Prosecutor Chokine files a complaint against Joe Biden for interfering in the legal proceedings of Ukraine (and he quotes us…) by Les Crises

  • You cannot look at this through the eyes of an American.
  • We don’t do politics this way.
  • This is all going to be proven soon here.
  • Mike explains how Ukrainians buy appointments.
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HEADLINE: Rush Shares His Cancer Diagnosis by Rush Limbaugh 

  • You cannot find common cause w/ people that do not operate w/ good will.
  • It isn’t our responsibility. 
  • If you are a Democrat, you need to leave the party.
  • NOTHING good comes out of it.
   SOTU Address – 

  • Tonight is the big night. 
  • We will be airing this LIVE on the Crusade Channel.
  • #WineBoxNancy drinking game?! 

  • Interfering in our elections – this has been screamed form every Democrat about Trump but who is interfering now?

HEADLINE: Iowa caucus vote totals delayed amid ‘inconsistencies’; campaigns lash out at ‘crazy’ state party by Gregg Re and Allie Raffa

56m  AUDIO: Impeachment Trial – Deputy White House counsel Patrick Philbin: “This was a purely partisan impeachment from the start.” 

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HEADLINE: Pete Buttigieg claims victory in Iowa caucuses, though no results have been released by Tucker Higgins 

  • “So, we don’t know all the results,” Buttigieg told hundreds of supporters at a rally in Des Moines. “But, we know, by the time it is all said and done, Iowa you have shocked the nation. Because, by all indications, we are going on to New Hampshire victorious.”
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Adam Schiff attacks Alan Dershowitz – the President can do anything!
  • TED CRUZ TWEET: Dems right now can’t even stand in a gymnasium and count how many people move under each sign. These are the people who want to be put in charge of our healthcare & everything else in our lives? No thank you.
  HEADLINE: Democrats Are Lying About My Argument by Alan Dershowitz

QUESTION: You know what I think happened? 

ANSWER: Bernie Sanders got the nomination and they simply cannot let him walk out with a win.

  • You know who is behind this? Hillary Clinton

TRIVIA QUESTION OF THE DAY: Who won Iowa in 2008 Democratic primary? ANSWER: Hillary Clinton

HEADLINE: App used in Iowa Democratic caucus fiasco linked to ex-Clinton campaign staffers by Tyler Olson 


















Special Guest Matt Gaspers

Follow Matt Gaspers here: @cathfamilynews @MattGaspers

Managing Editor at Catholic Family News

AUDIO/VIDEO: Michael Voris – Bishop Barron and bodybuilder 

HEADLINE: The Case For Yellow Checks by Gladden J. Pappin and Gregory Caridi

  • The power given to the Pope and Bishops is to protect and guard the teachings of the Catholic faith.
  • Not to offer a counterfeit version of it.

HEADLINE: Catholics Reflect on 10 Years of the Good, Bad and Ugly of Social Media by Peter Jesserer Smith

  • No one is in hell or no one goes to hell has been a public statement by Bishop Barron.

HEADLINE: The Land O’ Lakes Statement Has Caused Devastation For 50 Years by Patrick Reilly

  • No one can say any of these “Catholic” schools have remained Catholic in any way shape or form.

HEADLINE: Bishop Schneider: ‘The Pope cannot be silent as he watches the wolves devour the flock’ by Diane Montagna 

  • Marianna Bartold – author of Fatima The Signs and Secrets 
  • Anne Barnhardt
  • Francis was elected on a “reformed platform”.
  • He was going to “root out corruption”.
  • This was the pretext of why he was elected.
  • SOTU Address tonight – in front of all those 
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2h8m Back to Joe Biden and Burisma – 

HEADLINE:  [Exclusive] Prosecutor Chokine files a complaint against Joe Biden for interfering in the legal proceedings of Ukraine (and he quotes us…) by Les Crises

  • I don’t for one second think they are going to extradite the Bidens to Ukraine.
  • President Clinton won’t allow that to happen.













 Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

Follow Michael Hichborn here: 

HEADLINE: US archbishop: Pope told us gay civil unions can be ‘acceptable’ by Lianne Laurence

  • Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Fransisco 
  • The week long ad limina – 
  • Consecration and Ordination – you cannot use those terms for an Episcopalian Bishop.

HEADLINE: Northwest bishops experience encouragement, fraternity, unity with pope by Catholic News Service

  • Paragraph 137 – 
  • We must remember this directory has ZERO magisterial authority.
  • This is where the whole spirt of Vatican II comes from.
  • Canon Law 1210 – the use of sacred spaces
  • There is a reason you make it a sacred space.
  • The worship of the One True God!
  • When the Church speaks of ‘religion’ She is only speaking of Herself…HOLY MOTHER CHURCH.
  • Catholic spaces – the use is FORBIDDEN 
  • The Catholic Church has law that settles disputes. 
  • It is called Canon Law – the term Canon means =  a general law, rule, principle, or criterion by which something is judged.
  • The canon is basically the “bedrock” to the story or entity.
  • Michael Hichborn reads his open letter to Papal Nuncio- 
  • AUSCP = Association of United States Catholic Priests
  • Cardinal Cupich spoke about clericalism and wearing their Priestly attire and they were all in sandals and cargo pants and t-shirts.
  • Bishop Barron and his yellow checkmarks for Catholic social media – 
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Lizzie Reezay – that she grow in her faith and not lead devout Catholics astray.

Father Harkins – who committed suicide.


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