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6m Mitter Rick Barrett is #RadioRich

Last 2 weeks of Lent, we are in the home stretch folks.

Calcasieu Bishop to his Parishioners: 

We try to be good devout Catholics, I don’t want to receive a single invite to your Good Friday Crawfish Boil. Good Friday is a day of mourning and penance…NOT celebration!

11m Virtual Communion Services-

 Live Virtual Communion Celebration

Complete with the “how to participate”



AUDIO/VIDEO: Plug into the Present with the ‘JetStones’

  • QUESTION: Now did you pick-up or catch the problem with this commercial?

His boy Elroy – in the cartoon Elroy is a BOY, in this commercial ‘his boy Elroy is a DOG’.

  • Americans have birthday parties for their DOGS now!
  • Animals have replaced children.
21m Abby Johnson has a piece out today at The Federalist

  • When she saw an ultrasound abortion, she became Pro-Life.
  • This is the same thing that happened to the doctor that is now massively Pro-Life.



HEADLINE: Social Justice for Creepy Joe by Scott McKay

  • Joe Biden STOLE part of Neil Kinnock speech.

HEADLINE: Joe Biden plagiarised Neil Kinnock speech 

  • He basically ripped this guys speech off.
  • He said “I might have heard the speech and internalized it.”









If you work for President Trump, he expects you to do what you were hired to do.

If you do not, he fires you. Period.

HEADLINE: DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen speaks for first time since resignation announcement by Paula Reid

  • What is going on down there in Texas?

QUESTION: Who’s border is it?


  • Had a caller that has property on the border – story of when the illegals set fire (accidentally) to some of his land. He had to pay the volunteer fire department that put it out! It causes hardship to the Americans that own land.
  • Airport travel – TSA
  • Orderly transition? Nothing run by the government has an orderly anything.
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46m HEADLINE: Here’s who owns everything in Big Media today by Rani Molla

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 HEADLINE: Here’s who owns everything in Big Media today by Rani Molla

  • 1/7 of the entire US Economy
  • QUESTION: Why do we have anti-trust laws if we aren’t going to use them?
  • These are obvious cases in which these laws should be used.










HEADLINE: Amazon Is on a Digital Book Burning Spree by Allum Bokhari

  • If you are using Amazon, you are a useful idiot.
  • I won’t buy anything from Amazon.
  • I will use Amazon to track down the product and then seek out the company that manufactures it.
  • “In early March, the online retailer banned Muhammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill for Islam, a Chronological Koran and critique of the Islamic religion co-authored by British populist Tommy Robinson.”
  • By the by Tommy Robinson was thrown in jail in London b/c of what he says about Islam.
  • From the Mike Church Show Chatroom: Just another reason @Maggie O’Connell that it’s important to get and keep physical copies of many books and why I keep running out of bookshelves.
  • Back then reading and writing was something was reserved for the wealthy only.
  • Vatican’s Index – 
  • This isn’t about eradicating “hate speech” it is about removing anything associated with the Right and Conservatism.


Saturday Devotions – 

  • Ask you to grab a group of men and walk your town praying the rosary. 
  • People will see you and some may ask what you are doing, some may wave, some may honk and so on.
  • I think this matters b/c when others see a bunch of guys taking their faith seriously. The 1st Saturday of every month.
  • This leads to ‘Consecration’ of towns. This is how things start.













HEADLINE: How the West Can Save Masculinity by Paul Brian

  • First I am just happy that the American Conservative had the guts to publish this story!
  • QUESTION: What happened to the New Zealand shooter story?
  • Mitter Barrett posted to Twitter today his #AvengersEndgame
  • ”What has changed is not so much the shortcomings of men but the technology that is allowing larger numbers of them not to develop positive masculine qualities that simply had to be developed 100 years ago to survive.”
  • SIDE BAR – I will add Step #1 Attend the Conference – Raising Chivalrous Young Men
  • We should have to turn people away from this conference!
  • BACK TO HEADLINE – 6 Practical Steps We Can Take
  • Provide Strong Role Models
  • Promote Clear Consequences
  • Build An Economy Of Purpose
  • Reforming Our Media and Culture
  • Putting the Social Mission Front and Clear
  • Portraying Sex Differences as Complementary, NOT Combative
  • Mittus O’Connell’s story about the young men making eye contact and shaking hands.
  • Rod Dreher Tweeted out today: Three style things I don’t understand:

1) Why men over the age of 18 wear baseball caps turned backward

2) Why women over the age of 18 dye their hair in colors not found in nature

3) Why men and women over 50 appear in public wearing sweatpants if they aren’t exercising.

4) Why people go out in public wearing t-shirts with profane slogans.

From a listener 5) Why do men over 50 continue to spike their hair like a 10 year old (For Your Information Rod Dreher spikes his hair like a 10 year old)

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 Special Guest Dr. Kevin Wacasey

Healthcareonomics – @HConomics 

  • This guy claims to be ‘working’ while going to medical school.
  • BS – no one has time to work during medical school!
  • Of course FREE medical school would be awesome.
  • Medical school is like any other higher educaiton.
  • If the student isn’t paying for it, who pays for it?
  • NOTHING is free!
  • TWEET from 60 minutes: Medical student Joe Babinski believes free tuition will help him to become a better doctor, because he “can focus on learning the medicine and being good at it,” instead of having to work through school. READ THE FULL STORY HERE
  • College is difficult in general and medical school, there is just NO possible way to work while taking the 35 credits per semester you are required to take.
  • DPC Practice = Direct Primary Care
  • Anderson, South Carolina – 
  • Dr. W’s Equation –
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: How to Use Dr. W’s Equation
2h3m  BACK TO HEADLINE: How the West Can Save Masculinity by Paul Brian























 Special Guest Timothy Gordon

Author of Catholic America – Why America Will Perish Without Rome

Follow Timothy Gordon here: @timotheeology

HEADLINE: Roughly Half the Electorate Views Christian Nationalism as a Threat by Joanna Piacenza 

  • California is one of the most beautiful states on the entire continent. 
  • “We are talking about Catholic intellectual tradition, we cannot have self rule w/o these Catholic ideas.”
  • I got Ron Paul about the same time I started taking my Catholicism seriously.
  • I read Chris Ferrara’s Liberty The God That Failed and it started to put things together for me.
  • Then I started reading your book…making the New Regime.
  • Uniting the Clans – 
  • Timothy Gordon is a lawyer not a doctor.
  • All the groups in the neo-cons, forget them, the neo-Catholics, the TLM types and groups within groups…none of them have the UNIFYING theology.
  • They hate capitalism, they hate one thing or the other.
  • #UnitingTheClans
  • What we are searching for in Catholic Republic is a uniting theory among all these groups.
  • They hate on Capitalism as much as they hate Socialism and Communism. 
  • You cannot be a deception and a faithful Catholic.
  • Just War Theory – 
  • HEADLINE: Pseudo Paradigm by Tony Capobianco
  • Russell Kirk –
  • Natural Law Theory – you are a natural law advocate. There are a lot of imposters.
  • Moral and Free
  • Moral freedom – there is no such thing in a Protestants life.
  • Nature as an intelligible – is it a meaningful place, make destination from and about nature.
  • A desire to appreciate nature and the beauty in nature.
  • The book is in pre-order now but they are shipping and will be out Friday or Saturday.
  • Spirit of ’76 DVD – Patrick Henry saw the coercion and consolidation of the government. 
  • I know Henry died an Episcopalian b/c of a letter he wrote to his daughter.
  • Henry opposed ratification of the Constitution b/c he knew subsidiarity was they only way they could remain MORALLY free.
  • Thomas Jefferson hated Patrick Henry – he would call him a redneck using today’s terms.
  • 26 days of the Convention June 1788 – there was a transcriptionist there and wrote everything down.
  • Henry’s arguments ARE the Spirit of ’76.

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