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Mandeville, La

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines


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  • What was the point in making the movie Apocalypto? Movie by Mel Gibson
  • This movie was done after the Passion.
  • You get to see what ‘real’ devil worship looks like.

HEADLINE: What Happens When a Small-Town Family Goes Corporate? by Gracy Olmstead

  • Small is Still Beautiful
  • Can we trust the Gaines’ vision of home, family, and community when they themselves can’t seem to stop growing their empire?


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Back to HEADLINE: Gaines story

  • Is it possible to remain the individual if your brand continues to grow?
  • If they’re to preserve the characteristics that made them famous in the first place, they may have to let that roller coaster run on without them, growing ever more detached as it swells.

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 HEADLINE: Daughters of working moms may get this major career benefit by Meredith Lepore

  • Over 25 million working moms in the U.S. currently.
  • The role does rub off on the children.
  • Beyond shaping their sons’ and daughters’ gender attitudes, mothers provide behavioral models of skills their children can emulate.
  • Wanna’ know why these young men are metrosexual effeminate males?


HEADLINE: The Evil That We Are by Charles Coulombe

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Back to HEADLINE: The Evil That We Are  

  • We have as much chance of reentering the Commonwealth as we do of convincing the majority of our fellow Americans that, for their own good, the teachings of a religion they do not belong to and often despise must be applied to their government. 
  • Faith in humanity has been restored briefly after witnessing the families in Lafayette this weekend at St. Leo IV Catholic Church.
  • Without a moral binding, the Constitution will never be successful as a ruling document.
  • The constitution is not holy and it cannot be fixed by having a simple amendment convention.
  • The constitution has been dead for a very long time.


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 HEADLINE: Catholicity Necessary To Sustain Popular Liberty by Orestes Brownson



  • Story from the conversation with the mechanics wife – “I thought most Catholics were democrats. Don’t ya’ll have to do everything the Pope tells you?”
  • The Cult of Christendom

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 HEADLINE: Mike Church Interviews Pearson Sharp about His Reporting from Douma, Syria



HEADLINE: Was There Ever an Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program? by Gareth Porter

  • It was all one big LIE!
  • It has unquestionably been one of history’s most successful—and longest running—disinformation campaigns.
  • It looked like a sketch done by a 9 year old.


Caller John from Indiana –

  • Story one of his like-minded magazine called The Crusade Magazine = Crusade Magazine is a bi-monthly publication of The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property
  • MLB pride days and the NFL will most likely follow suit.


  • Listened to the LSU baseball game while driving back from Lafayette.
  • College sports still have that “fun” aspect to them.


HEADLINE: Democracy dies in materialism and the U.S. is at risk by David Smith

  • Democracy dissolves when there is no authority.
  • Moral foundation society
  • Then he loses it all here when he starts talking about Abraham Lincoln
  • It doesn’t work b/c half of the people in the US did NOT go along with Lincoln and his accords.


 Caller Mitch from St. Louis –

  • The speech from this weekend at St. Leo IV in Lafayette was on FB LIVE and is still on the Mike Church Fan page.
  • Pride Night – hockey game (tax dollars that they are given for the stadiums and arenas) They have to be PC because they don’t want to chance losing any of that money.
  • Sport teams aren’t in the sport business they are in the real estate business.
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