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Wednesday-Shampeachment Day 1: Evil SA Schiff Reveals The Garbage Truck Strategy

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    Wednesday-Shampeachment Day 1: Evil SA Schiff Reveals The Garbage Truck Strategy LoneRhody

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  • Senate Impeachment Hearings Day 1
  • President Trump in Davos
  • Adam Schiff produces incorrect evidence
30m AUDIO: President Trump in Davos on the Senate Impeachment Hearing day 1

John ‘Bombing’ Bolton – 

AUDIO: Rep Jerry Nadler says John Bolton knows too much that is why the Senate won’t allow him to testify?

QUESTION: How was John Bolton made an ambassador in 2005?

ANSWER: Bush had to wait until the Senate wasn’t in session so he could make a recess appointment. 

  • Harry Reid almost sued President Bush b/c he said he never adjourned the Senate.
  • They call him “Rolling Thunder” – John Bolton

AUDIO: Rep Nadler and Cipollone 

45m HEADLINE: New Documents Show Democrat Adam Schiff Mischaracterized Evidence In Impeachment, Report Suggests by Ryan Saavedra

  • Zlochevsky not Zelensky
  • So was this done intentionally or was this a simple mistake?
  • #FullofSchiff
  AUDIO: Bondi – Schiff didn’t allow any witnesses or subpoenas during the House Impeachment but wants to come to the Senate and demand witnesses?! 

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  AUDIO: FOX NEWS – montage of Democrats talking about Impeachment right after election. 

  • This wasn’t an ‘organic’ thing that happened after a phone call.
  • Folks the trial hasn’t even started yet!


Senate Impeachment Hearings – 

Absence of a Quorum – If any senator “suggests the absence of a quorum,” the presiding officer must direct the roll to be called. Often, a quorum call is terminated by unanimous consent before completion, which permits the Senate to use the quorum call to obtain a brief delay to work out some difficulty or await a senator’s arrival.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Kellyanne Conway on Senate trial: 24 hours for each side is not sufficient time

  HEADLINE: The only thing we don’t know about the outcome of Trump’s impeachment trial by Damon Linker  
  Mitter Chur reads Virginia Ratification – 
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   HEADLINE: Adam Schiff Would Be The Last Person To Get A GOP Senator To ‘Cross Over’ by Erielle Davidson
1h57m  HEADLINE: How Not to Do It . . . by Madeleine Kearns

  • So in this article they are saying mothers should just go ahead and buy sex toys for their 13 year old boys b/c they are going to masterbate anyway.
  • Brother Bernard Yesterday:”Freedom is the right to practice divine law”
  • It is not a common good to encourage people to participate in mortally sinful acts.
  HEADLINE: Why Criminal Prosecution Might Be The Least Of Ilhan Omar’s Legal Concerns by Matthew Kolken

List of Allegations: perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, state and federal tax fraud, federal student loan fraud, and bigamy.






























Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest

Follow Brother Andre Marie here: @Brother_Andre or [email protected]

  • Satya Narayana Nadella is Microsoft CEO
  • Benedictine Monks – 
  • St. Benedict Center – we are NOT Benedictine monks
  • What they do in Silver City is the MOST PURE form of the monastic life!
  • Brother Bernard is the EXTERN – the brother or sister that their job is to interact with the outside world.
  • Their entire life circulates around living the contemplative life.
  • QUESTION: Wouldn’t a Catholic world be boring?
  • Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer – 
  • October 6th is his Feast Day

HEADLINE: Chartreuse Liqueur by

HEADLINE: Saint Bruno 1101 by The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

HEADLINE: Curious Carthusian News by Brother Andre Marie “The Carthusians have been under two “Traddy” Priors General for many years: Curious Carthusian News”

  • Canon is something you don’t touch.
  • It is “fixed”.
  • So when they added St Joseph, Father Feeney said this set a horrible precedent. 
  • It wasn’t but a few years later they changed the canon horribly. 
  • The Roman Mass traditionally only had one.
  • The Eucharistic prayer – there are 4 of them
  • Saint Gabriel – 
  • The order was given to Saint Joseph and he proceeded with the order. He was the head of the family.
  • Saint Joseph isn’t quoted ONCE in scripture. 
  • He is for us to discover! 
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel – she holds the scapular and the infant Jesus
  • Our Lady of Fatima – she didn’t hold the infant Jesus
  • Our Lady of Knock – 
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe – 
  • Devotions to Saint Joseph and the devotion to the Church is for the latter days. 
  • Many think this is why Saint Joseph isn’t mentioned in the Bible or quoted in the Bible.
  • He has a role in the Church – 
  • QUESTION: What is being attacked now? ANSWER: The Family 
  • QUESTION: Who in particular? ANSWER: THE FATHER!
  • Restoring Fatherhood by seeing the importance of Saint Joseph in Fathers.
  • Saint Joseph had to go before Jesus started because Saint Joseph would have had to go and beat Pilate in the butt! He would have taken on the FATHER responsibility. These two paths could not run together. Saint Joseph had to be out of the picture for scripture to be fulfilled.

HEADLINE: Go To Joseph by St. Teresa of Avila

  • “Is this not the carpenters son? Where did he get letters?”
  NAILS by Father Leonard Feeney, M.I.C.M

Whenever the bright blue nails would drop

Down on the floor of his carpenter shop,

Saint Joseph, prince of carpenter men,

Would stoop to gather them up again;

For he feared for two little sandals sweet,

And very easy to pierce they were

As they pattered over the lumber there

And rode on two little sacred feet.

But alas, on a hill between Earth and Heaven

One day — two nails in a cross were driven,

And fastened it firm to the sacred feet

Where once rode two little sandals sweet;

And Christ and His mother looked off in death

Afar — to the valley of Nazareth,

Where the carpenter’s shop was spread with dust

And the little blue nails, all packed in rust,

Slept in a box on the window-sill;

And Joseph lay sleeping under the hill.

HEADLINE: Trump declares Jan. 22 ‘National Sanctity of Human Life Day’ by Catholic News Agency 

  Crusader Monastery Prayer List

Please in your charity remember the following people in your prayers – 

Christopher Jude Pigg – newborn that decided to make his appearance early. He was born w/ down syndrome and several other birth defects the parents were not aware of.

Julie Pigg – mother of Christopher Pigg who is in the NICU, she has not been able to hold her precious baby still after 15 days.

Arthur LaMotte – who is fighting off a staff infection at the age of 86.

Richard – who continues to battle sepsis.

Justin Durand – for him to come back to the faith.

Joel Doc Berry – as he continues to recover from a few surgeries. 

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Written by: LoneRhody

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