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Why Charles III And Modern England Steal Beauty From Their Catholic Ancestors with CRUSADER Gal

today05/23/2023 28

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Sarah Cain 

Crusader Gal 

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Her Jeep accident in September – broke 2 arms and 1 wrist

North Carolina – Governor Roy Cooper on abortion and public education.

  • Veritas Project did an expose here on Democrat voting stations.
  • If you have vote by mail this type of stuff is going to happen and it is actually legal in California.

HEADLINE: The Crowning of a Usurper by Sarah Cain 

  • The Church of England it was founded on the blood of Catholics.
  • The murder of so many Priests all b/c Henry wanted a divorce he wasn’t allowed to have.
  • So now when you look at the Coronation is a relic, the imagery is beautiful but that is b/c it is ours…it is Catholic.
  • They are retaining the PRETTY Catholic parts but they aren’t doing the RELIGIOUS part!
  • Charles II died as a Catholic, they are calling him Charles III – at least by Anglican standards he is ‘traditional’. 
  • I know Charles is with the WEF, that was before he actually had any power, his mother had all the power at the time.
  • Does he have the fortitude to follow the WEF when it comes down to his people starving and freezing?
  • Yes he has power and he could if he wanted to.
  • It has become tradition that the Queen or King doesn’t wield it but he COULD!
  • It was said Queen Elizabeth wanted to veto the abortion bill but she was told not to.
  • She was said to not be happy about this at all.
  • What we do in the US is a Pocket Veto – 
  • “The power of evil men lives on the cowardice of the good.” – Saint John Bosco
  • Real men need to stand up to all of this.
  • Bring back toxic masculinity.
  • We know where the real faith resides and so does the enemy

Written by: Justin Redman