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Why My Home State of Louisiana Is Still “My Sunshine” & Will NEVER Become New York – The Mike Church Show

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Basing your entire campaign on a LIE – Creepy Joe Biden












President Trump at the NRA conference – 

  • The Divisons of the parties don’t line up the way they had back then.
  • Trump carried the Rust Belt States, that is all you need to know.

SIDE BAR – Wade is a professor at The  American College of the Building Arts. I’m working on a 3 part series of the Pearcing Truth Notre Dame Cathedrals, the Men that build the Cathedrals, and finally can Notre Dame Cathedral be rebuilt using the processes and materials that it used originally. 

QUESTION: How long will it take to rebuild Notre Dame back to the original?

ANSWER: A minimum of 50 years!

  • There is a hole in the roof so that has to be fixed first. 
  • The archways are NOT designed to funnel water so that has to be addressed ASAP.
  • The amount of lead that was used, we have too many ‘environmentalist’ that simply wouldn’t allow it.
  • So we have K.V. Turley, Joseph Pearce and now the professor. The series will be wonderful.
  • The professor will be LIVE on Monday’s show.















 AUDIO/VIDEO: Jimmie Davis – You Are My Sunshine 1940

HEADLINE: The Hit Song “YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE” Originated In Baton Rouge

HEADLINE: Louisiana House passes pro-life law to help ensure ‘we will never become like New York’ by Martin M. Barillas

  • This was  In a bipartisan vote, the Louisiana state house passed legislation confirming that there exists no right to abortion in the state constitution.  
  • Introduced by Democrat pro-life state Rep. Katrina Jackson
  • Democrats and Republicans coming together to protect the PEOPLE!
  • The common protection of the good of the people. This is what government is supposed to do.
  • If they don’t stop telling us we have to kill babies, they are going to see a separation of the states here. This will drive people to separate.
  • The Love Life Amendment HB 425
  • Louisiana ranks third in the nation among states most favorable to unborn human life.
  • Even the Louisiana state flag is prolife and Catholic. If you look very closely the Momma pelican has pecked her breast to feed her babies. There are 3 droplets of blood to symbolize the Holy Trinity.
  • The pelican, like Our Lord, is giving her own blood to feed her babies. Like Jesus shed His blood for us.
  • Oklahoma has passed the most bullet proof ProLife bill out of all the states.
  • Oklahoma, Alabama and Louisiana are the top 3 ProLife states.
  • Remember our friend Patricia Rucker from West Virginia?
  • Don’t ever think our Crusader prayers don’t make a difference. 
  • You can see prayers written all over this. BOTH parties came together and passed this.
48m  HEADLINE: Dutch mothers can now register their aborted babies as persons, helping the grieving process by Jonathon Van Marian

  • How about we just not kill the babies?!

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 BACK TO HEADLINE: Dutch mothers can now register their aborted babies as persons, helping the grieving process by Jonathon Van Marian

  • The child didn’t just die.
  • So this mother that now regrets her abortion, wants the government to now admit that what she killed was a baby.
  • After you have denied the natural world and reality, then you have a contract with someone that says, “don’t worry about it, I will get rid of it for you.”
  • The original error brings you into another error.








 Everyone Has A Podcast Now – 

  • Everyone thinks they are a radio host now.
  • We are the last antenna standing on Earth.
  • The only place you can practice the vocational art of LIVE radio broadcasting.
  • iHeart Radio podcast 

HEADLINE: Spotify Just Snapped Up Another Podcast Company by Grace Dobush

  • Spotify bought a new Podcast Production Company.
  • This is just another version of FAANG.
  • If this is a good idea, Apple or FB or Google will buy it all up.
  • These podcasts typically ask for $5 a month.
  • It doesn’t matter how much love or how much experience they have, it all comes down to the $5 a month.
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 Special Guest Richard Barrett host of The Barrett Brief

  • If there is a company out there making podcast – Glimmer Media.
  • They will lay you off.
  • These companies that buy off little ones typically fire people. 

Movie Review – The Avengers End Game  3 1/2 Barretts out of 4

WHY? It is an excellent bookend.

  • If you aren’t deeply invested in these films, you might actually get bored. If you’ve seen them all you will love it, if you haven’t you might find it boring.
  • The last hour and a half is amazing.

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HEADLINE: Amazon will pay $0 in taxes on @11,200,000,000 in profit for 2018 by Kristin Myers

QUESTION: Hey man, how is this even possible?

ANSWER: It is hard to know exactly what they are doing to make this happen.

  • $5.6 Billion in US profits in 2017 and paid $0 in taxes as well.


HEADLINE: Muslims in hiding in Sri Lanka as tensions rise after bombings

 by Michael Safi

  • Muslims don’t handle persecution well. They tend to organize themselves and start beheading people.

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

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