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Wisdom Wednesday: Raising Virtuous Young Men Should Be The Conservative Project To Restore Murican Civilization With Brother Andre Marie.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Raising Virtuous Young Men Should Be The Conservative Project To Restore Murican Civilization With Brother Andre Marie.


Brother Andre Marie 

Host of The ReConquest show aired only on the Crusade Channel.

Follow Brother Andre on GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre

Saint of the Day: Saint Gertrude the Great

HEADLINE: Saint Gertrude the Great (1302) by The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 


  • Pere Marquette 
  • Pére Jacques Marquette, S.J., is best remembered as the French explorer, who, along with Louis Joliet, discovered the Mississippi River in 1673. The fact that he was first a Jesuit missionary priest, whose work as an explorer was subjected and directed to that noble vocation, is often overlooked.
  • 38 radio stations in the US called Clear Channel.
  • 50,000 watt channels in the 1930’s awarded for the purpose of communications and public service files.
  • University of Notre Dame – 

HEADLINE: Pére Marquette’s Prayer to the Immaculate Conception by Brother Andre Marie 

  • Pamela Acker – she gave up her PhD on principle. 
  • Dr Henderson 
  • Social Kingship of Christ

HEADLINE: Pére Marquette and the Invincibly Ignorant Native by Rev Neil Boyton, SJ

James Matthew Wilson – 

HEADLINE: Obituary of Brian D. Kelly, with Arrangements by Joe Doyle 

The Common Good = The sharing of which does not diminish it.

  • The knowledge one student has doesn’t diminish the knowledge of another student.
  • The same is true w/ theological virtues.
  • They can’t be diminished by their being shared.
  • Even though when you have a human institution must still pursue the common good.
  • Today statism is a huge problem.
  • Practically speaking Andrew Willard Jones is correct b/c the states don’t know their limits. 
  • Joe Biden and Company are not libertarians, the COVID fanatics and lockdown fanatics are statists. 
  • They are all into coercion and using it for all the wrong things.
  • Subsidiarity – the family – we tend to think of it as this practical arrangement only.
  • What can get done at the lowest level is done there not at the next higher level.
  • The Common Good Party – 
  • Enjoying such goods – lower levels a child must be taught to love art.

Episode 350: Thoughts on Time and Salvation

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