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A Day In The Life of Brother Bernard The Abbey Roast Coffee Master! Pt I

today01/20/2020 56

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Brother Bernard – Benedictine Monk from Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery in Silver City, NV

  • We didn’t start roasting coffee union 2016

Cafe For Life – geared just to raising money for ProLife and ProFamily foundations.

  • Brazilian Roast – the award the Rio de Ginero specialty coffee award 1st class for quality in that country is amazing!
  • The Life of a Monk :  
  • 3am – the bell rings
  • the 150 psalms in the week, a lot of monasteries don’t do this anymore.
  • We have matins after that 
  • then we go back to our cells and have a cup of coffee
  • Lexi – reading scripture on our knees by candlelight 
  • then we office of laws at 6am
  • then Mental Prayer – no lights in the chapel and quiet time with Our Lord
  • that ends with an aspiration
  • then we have breakfast 
  • then office of time at 7:45am 
  • then more spiritual reading 
  • then we do our morning duties or chores
  • we do a meatless diet so we do lots of cheese and dairy
  • we do perpetual abstinence of meat – we NEVER eat meat!

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