Brother André: Support The CRUSADE Channel Catholics, It Has Earned It

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Mandeville, LA – From ReConquest’s Brother André Marie:

This is not a plug for donations to Saint Benedict Center. Yes, those always help, but that’s not what this is about. This is a plug for people to (A) LISTEN TO (B) JOIN and (C) ADVERTIZE ON the Veritas Radio Network’s “Crusade Channel.”


Good question. The short answer is that this new broadband radio venture is actually becoming surprisingly effective in disseminating the truth — or should I say The Truth? There are conversions (and reversions) to the Catholic Faith coming through this medium. That is a fact, not wishful thinking.

Your humble servant has been able to reach souls previously out of his reach due to the Reconquest show, interviews Mike Church has done with me on air, and the weekly philosophy class that VRN hosts, where some very serious seekers of truth are studying philosophy according to Brother Francis’ methodology.

In those philosophy discussions, Catholic faith and morals are frequent subjects of discussion. While studying philosophy together, we are evangelizing. This evangelism via philosophia perennis is what Brother Francis always wanted. It was his vision, and we providentially stumbled upon a way to make it happen.

Here is a testimonial from a young man, a college student, who recently wrote Mike Church (after a long panegyric of Mike’s work, the email reaches this climax): “I can honestly say I learned more in 1 year from researching the Truth and listening to your show on my own than 12 years of Catholic education ever taught me.”

I have been getting much positive feedback from Catholics who feel strengthened in… (click to read the whole thing)


Written by: MikeChurch

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