The Barrett Brief – CNN Apologizes for Not Inviting Thanos to Climate Town Hall

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CNN Apologizes for Not Inviting Thanos to Climate Town Hall

Here is what is happening today in the Brief. First, CNN hosted the Climate Town Hall. Without delay, each candidate unveiled programs that would make a Marvel villain blush. Presently , Ten Democratic candidates for president spent hours on Wednesday night discussing their climate change plans in detail, including how they would pay for it and what it would mean for both fossil fuels and Americans.

Second, Speech First’s Nicole Neily joins the program to discuss a new contest. This contest is to highlight the good and bad policies on campus in regards to free speech on campus. 

Third, a new study revels that moderates on Twitter are losing their voice. To begin with, researchers at the University of Missouri finds that the social media platform Twitter may be artificially exaggerating the widening political divide. According to researchers, this is causing political moderates to lose their voice on Twitter.

Also, you won’t believe the lengths that Kristen Stewart will go to get a Marvel role. Finally the world famous “You Gotta Be Kiddin Me” we head to San Diego where a woman got more than what she paid for. 


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