5 Minute Mysteries S2 Ep 12, The Witch, The Amulet & The Curse

Written by on 10/01/2020

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Mystery, the word, as defined by Webster’s means “any religious doctrine or body of doctrines that seems above human comprehension”; a definition that perfectly fits the ephemeral enigma we present next. This is Michael Augustine, clear your mind, and sharpen your skills of perception.
It seems all old villages had legends about witches, warlocks and other magical creatures but these legends were hardly worthy of study by serious archeologists. Still, Professor Gwyllam agreed to study the finding of legendary, deadly, witches lair, but was it still capable of killing?
The Crusade Channel Mystery Theater Presents: “The Witch, The Amulet and The Curse”, this week’s, 5 Minute Mystery…

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