Free Farm Friday

Free Farm Friday-Grazing Sheep Are Coming Baaaacck To Your Favorite Vineyard.

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Farmer Brian Koch in TX

Farmer Dan Mundy in NJ

Renting Sheep – 

HEADLINE: How to Find Lease Land for Farming and Ranching by Harmony Shepherdess 

  • Stocking rate refers to the number of livestock per unit area. There are several ways of expressing stocking rates. The AgLease101 document can help determine how the stocking rate will be stated i.e. by “animal units” or number of animals or head (e.g. bull, cow, yearling, etc.) of livestock and weight of livestock to be grazed. Clearly specifying the stocking rate in the lease agreement helps avoid disagreements between both parties and maintains the quality of the grass stand. Setting pasture rent on a per-acre basis or a share of gain basis gives an incentive to the livestock owner to stock heavily which may not be in the interest of the owner. It is in the interest of both parties to develop a lease agreement that achieves maximum economic returns to all resources while maintaining the grass stand and quality.
  • Negotiating a pasture rental rate can take many forms. Establishing the cost estimates for both parties can help determine upper and lower bounds when negotiating rental rates. Eventually one or both parties will need to reduce their return on investment desired in order to come to an agreeable lease rate or walk away from the lease.
  • Cover Crop – I used deer food plots, checkout the ingredients. There is nothing wrong with what’s in that.
  • This is an instance where you have to be flexible in these situations.
  • Any type of clover will work it doesn’t have to be the pretty clover.

Written by: Justin Redman