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How To Become A Veritas Radio Network Affiliate Site

today06/20/2016 18

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Mandeville, LA –  To embed the Veritas Radio Network Stream onto a page on your website and become a Radio Station/Site affiliate that carries our stream, do one of the following.

For WordPress sites, simply Copy the Text Below and then direct the link for that text here:;

Click Here To Listen to The Veritas Radio Network-Radio The Way It should Be in a new window!

The html code you can use to embed this code into the Text version of a wordpress post is:

<a href=”;” target=”_blank”>Click Here To Listen to The Veritas Radio Network-Radio The Way It should Be in a new window!</a>


Brother André Marie of ReConquest checks in with the results of his experiment to embed the LIVE Veritas Stream into his page:

Mike, et alia,

Pax Christi. I spent way too much time today working on that bit of code you mention here.

I had difficulties making it work on my site. It only downloaded a .pls file that, when clicked, opened up iTunes. I studied the code a bit, monkeyed with it, and came up with this:



Editor’s Note: We cannot place the code here for you to copy and paste because it automatically embeds in our pages so I am breaking up the code into two parts, the brackets [the code goes in between] and the code. – MC

The Code:

[code goes here] this is what goes between the brackets:

audio src=”″

Anyone with a WordPress site (that is not old) can drop this code — [Keep the brackets!] — in a posting, a text/html widget, a page, etc., and — with WordPress’ native functionality, get this:


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