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Mandeville, LA – UPDATED, please note 01-29-2017!

For YOUR listening/downloading convenience there are now 3 CRUSADE On-Demand feeds, one for each hour of our long form shows like the Mike Church Show and the Mark Kreslins Show. This way you now have the option of just downloading or listening to one hour or so at a time that you may have missed or want to hear again. You WILL need to login to your Founder’s Pass account, separately for each feed and you WILL need all 3 feeds active to get all 3 segments of Mike and Mark’s Shows. Here are the feeds including the original feed most of you already have:

  1. (this is the legacy PODCAST feed most of you have)
  2. (PODCAST Feed 2)
  3. (PODCAST Feed 3)

You can distinguish between each feed by the simple, plainly styled graphics that will show in iTunes and google play:

[huge_it_gallery id=”9″]

TYPICALLY- The order of any show segments, utilizing the 3 PODCAST (rss) feed scenario should be:

CRUSADE On Demand = Segment 1

CRUSADE On Demand 2 = Segment 2

CRUSADE On Demand 3 = Segment 3

The Veritas Radio Network, today announced the release of its fully functional Founders Pass Member’s Channel RSS feed which delivers high quality, original content to anyone with a Founders Pass Membership-available HERE, an internet connection and an RSS player/browser. Veritas Founder and host of the Mike Church Show said:

“The new Preview Feed for rss players and devices is a major leap forward for us because our all original content is now available in long-form to anyone with an rss reader and a broadband connection. This feed will be updated many times every day, delivering fresh doses of Truth to listeners hungry for it.”

To begin using this completely free service, simply copy the following link and paste it into your favorite RSS player like iTunes or in an iPhone into the Podacasts App!

CRUSADE Channel On-Demand Feed for Founders Pass Members: (login credentials required)

Click to download the Podcast App for iPhone and iPad

• Apple offers world class tech support for the Podcast App including “How to” videos and training here.




Written by: TheKingDude

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moral duty to protect the nations secrets, a moral duty to protect our federal outposts and moral duty to protect the unborn.

The three RSS feeds seem to confuse Beyondpod. After you download the first hour, the episodes in the other two feeds say “re-download.” Still seems to work, though I think it missed some segments over the last couple days, and the Horvat interview was loaded twice and I think I missed a Ferrara interview. Is there another RSS app that does a better job?

Yes, if you have an iPhone I recommend the Podcast app from Apple or download the FREE, Radio RSS app which I can confirm displays all 3 RSS feeds show up there but they will take a little organizing. RSS offers a Pro version too that has more organizing features. If you enable the Filter you can type in what show you want to filter by e.g. “Mark Kreslins”.
The display is pretty nice but it may take some navigating to get to the correct Episode & Segment:

I had the same issue with Beyond Pod. The Podcast Addict application seems to be working correctly.

Can you post some details about that app so others might gain from your solution? Than ks!

The quest for Premium content for me with an iPhone, iTunes app, podcast app and founding pass membership has been circular and frustrating. I have tried posting the links above in whatever input field I can find whether it be my browser, my iTunes store app or my podcast app. The browser app takes me to the Apple News App and asks me to open the app. I say yes, then it gives me story unavailable.

And of course the old traditional search on podcasts yields only the preview channels. Help please before I give up the crusade (pun intended)!

We solved Shawn’s issue AND he became a Founding Brother, now that’s a great customer/bidness experience!

I cannot add segment 2 podcast, 1 and 3 are in and working but everytime I put in I get an error that it’s an invalid link.. any ideas?

Your link is wrong. Try adding the forwards slash at the end as shown:
Depending on your reader that slash tells the client app to load everything AFTER the slash which is where the content is

Same issue with or without final /

Mack, there must be an issue with your configuration because I just checked it with my own podcast app, iTunes. The screenshot shows the address I gave you being used AND today’s episodes appearing. Try deleting any references you have to the CRUSADE2 feed and starting over again; that worked on our test machine here today.CRUSADE OnDeamnd2 functioning in iTunes 12.6 for iMac

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