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It’s Marx’s, Material World, We Are Just Stuck Living In It – Mike Church Show

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    It’s Marx’s, Material World, We Are Just Stuck Living In It – Mike Church Show MikeChurch

Mandeville, LA – The New York Times wants you to celebrate the 200th birthday of Karl Marx; this has Mike wondering when the countdown to the 200th birthday celebration of Adolf Hitler begins? Brother André Marie joins to discuss why the Amazon “Smile program” is an anti-Catholic, corporatist scheme to fund the diabolical SPLC. Mike demolishes the Louisiana Conference of Bishops plea to continue pubic funding of Catholic School lunches…WHAT!?

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  • Yesterday began the Karl Marx’s birthday celebration and the media was hard at work celebrating it.
  • It was his 200th b-day celebration
  • Bicentennial of Marx’s birth – I never thought I would hear myself say that.

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 HEADLINE: 65% of Public School 8th Graders Not Proficient in Reading; 67% Not Proficient in Math by Terence P. Jeffrey

4 Temperaments: ReConquest episode 72 w/ Brother Andre Marie & Guest Sister Maria Philomena

  1. Sanguine
  2. Choleric
  3. Melancholic
  4. Phlegmatic
  • Charlotte North Caroline is at the top of the list with 41% being proficient in Math
  • Detroit is at the bottom on BOTH lists
  • Hey but we are star-spangled awesome right?!

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 HEADLINE: Parents furious over obscene set ed session for 14-year-olds by Claire Chretien

  • SARA representative
  • Predatory Grooming (what the heck is predatory grooming)
  • How dare we attempt to teach girls not to be afraid fo mortal sin.
  • You wonder why only 31% are proficient in math and reading?
  • This is beyond depraved. The school was fine with the material, they just didn’t like how graphic the information was.
  • They have had a 5year relationship with SARA
  • Teaching kids stuff like this is why they cannot concentrate on English and Math!


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HEADLINE: Manufacture of child sex robots moves BBC investigative journalist to tears by Doug Mainwaring

  • “Pedophilic customers will also have the option of providing sample voice recordings to further create the illusion of obtaining sexual gratification with a specific, real-life child known to the customer.”
  • Still want your child to have a smartphone?
  • Still think it’s okay for your child to post snapchat videos of them singing?

  • If you are enrolling your children in public schools, then you are asking for it.
  • These schools are endroctrinating them with sex and other means.

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HEADLINE: The Catholic Thing by Robert Royal by Robert Royal

 Caller Vince from St. Louis – the Brave browser the amount of trash hitting my desk is now far less.

  • Tough time understanding how to use it. They have a help screen with dozens of categories so you can scan etc.
  • It is a private endeavor, by the guy that was kicked out of Mozilla the FireFox browser basically.



Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest

  • Battle Joy in the Church Militant
  • He would bear the key on his shoulder.
  • Quitting  entirely
  • 501c3 non profit St. Benedict Center our school is the same
  • When Amazon Smile came out, they allowed .005% sales since you are a 501c3
  • St. Benedict is no longer listed with AmazonSmiles (the Southern Poverty Law Center) was my gut reaction.
  • We were blacklisted by Southern Poverty Law Center to AmazonSmile
  • Southern Poverty Law Center has NO authority, they are NOT part of government but they are dictating policy and rules for organizations all over.
  • They are very anti-Christian so they have labeled us has a hate organization.
  • State of Kansas story – Rod Dreher

HEADLINE: Marx Was Right: A Warning by Rod Dhreher

  • Guild Socialism – they used this term to denote “society” not the way Marx used the term.
  • You couldn’t choose where to sell your goods. They had a system of honor and care for your neighbor. They were monitored by the ‘guild’. They posed just price and just wage for those that worked with you and for you.
  • This is NOT socialism. The government didn’t have any power over the guild.
  • Episode 10 Pearcing Truth – Small is Still Beautiful chapter called Bigness
  • SPLC – on the Apple store does a direct donation. This is the enemy! They HATE Christ, they hate Catholics, they love sodomy and promote it with every breath.
  • Tonight’s ReConquest the Gifts of the Holy Ghost
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HEADLINE: M.E. Bradfor’s Revolutionary “A Better Guide Than Reason” by Clyde Wilson

  • Restoring an order is going to take time.
  • Small questions often lead to sterility and neutrality sometimes leads to enslavement to some abstract and future-centered ideal.
  • The only problem with this is M.E. Bradford is dead! Where is the successor?
  • John Taylor of Caroline County – foremost thinker
  • Rome before the Empire – could have been the Greece of Aristotle (the greatest mind that ever lived)


HEADLINE: Wanted: A New Height of Vision by Michael Pakaluk


 Unsettled News Item on the worldwide web and Twitter

  • This story has to do with Alfie’s Army and the story we did yesterday on the 4 injections.
  • There is a small problem with that – How Alfie Died by Benedetta Frigerio


Back to HEADLINE: by Pakaluk

  • The welfare state has everything to do with attachment to material prosperity.


HEADLINE: Urge Louisiana Senators to restore funding for Non-public schools by LA Conference of Catholic Bishops

  • These programs have existed for 30 plus years.
  • Who the hell are these Bishops? How did you even become a Bishop? You should have stayed in the private sector.
  • The Church can no longer distinguish b/w what She is responsible for and what the state might do.
  • This is an absolute refutation of subsidiary and solidarity all at the same time!
  • There once was a time where Catholic schools and hospitals provided for themselves.
  • Why should a Protestant be forced to pay for a Catholic school cafeteria worker?
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