Looking For & Finding The Silver Lining In The Corona Chastisement! with Michael Hichborn

Written by on 03/24/2020

 Special Guest Michael Hichborn – 

Founder of the Lepanto Institute

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HEADLINE: Don’t Cancel Easter by Michael Warren Davis

  • Our Lord was very clear, if you seek not to lose your life, you will lose it.
  • Using common sense with whether or not the Catholic churches should remain open or not.
  • Example: a father using prudence on if it is safe for his family to go to Mass or not.
  • This is a chastisement – we have leaders in the church that have taken the sacraments away from us that we have taken for granted. Not the the COVID19 but the lack of sacraments. GREAT POINT!
  • Chastisement is a fraternal correction, it doesn’t always have to be super severe.
  • This is a Divine Interdict – 
  • They could offer their suffering in reparation for those that were guilty of the sin etc

HEADLINE: Hygiene Yes, But Above All Faith by John Horvat II

  • This organization spreading their contraception message at the same time they were tasked with spreading CRS’s message. 
  • HEADLINE: Catholic agencies seek stimulus funding to meet expected surge in clients by Dennis Sadowski
  • Catholic Charities USA $5 Billion operation & most of that comes from the government already!
  • I can’t think of any clearer sign that we are being punished.
  • This is only going to go away when we start taking penance seriously. 

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