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Time  Red Pill Topic & related stuff
 6:14 Welcome on this Wisdom Wednesday
6:17 HEADLINE: LGBT ministry at New York parish promotes gay porn by Joseph Sciambra

  • “If you don’t believe Catholicism can get you to eternal salvation, then you could say that NO religion will get you to eternal salvation.” – Brother Francis
  • No LGBT movement, you cannot claim Catholic saints were sodomites.
  • “It’s Priests that need to rally against things like this. Once that happens, the laity will follow.” – Mike Church
6:38 Playing of Big Gay Al from South Park He is ‘Super’
 6:53 HEADLINE: CEO says company working to stop “Tide pod challenge” by the Associated Press

  • The Tide Pod Challenge – what is wrong with humans?
6:56 Founders Tradin’ Post Sale of the Day: The Road to Independence 2 cd audio set is 70% off Get yours today for only $7.05
 6:58  HEADLINE: Cassette tapes make a comeback by Russell Padmore
7:02 The lost art of photo albums
7:03  back to the Tide Pod Challenge –
7:08  HEADLINE: Don’t Blame Mental Illness for Mass Shootings; Blame Men by Aura Kiesel

  • men grab your weapon/rosary and get in the game
 7:28 LIVE shows all day on the Crusade Channel

  • Mike Church show
  • Extra long Crusade News w/ Celeste
  • Barrett Brief
  • Reverse Deception
  • True Money
  • Apologetics Class Brother Francis
  • LIVE chatroom with Brother Andre Marie
7:38 Hogs For The Cause – plot draft occurred this past weekend

Hogs For The Cause X – March 23-24th

  • gentleman wearing Trinity College Dublin Ireland jacket (discussion of Oscar Wilde)
  • Warning to the Irish people: mass shootings are coming your way
  • Make Ireland Great Again
 7:48 back to headline: Don’t Blame Mental Illness
 7:52 “You don’t plan things by an exception, you plan things by the rule.” – Mike Church
 7:56 Make the Crusade Channel your station of choice!
8:00 “Science cannot explain any mass shooting. Why can’t it? If science cannot explain it, does that mean it doesn’t exist?” – Mike Church
 8:04 Brother Andre Marie LIVE on Skype

  • 4 legal sins (murder, abortion, contraception and sodomy)
  • You can blame mental illness in men because men don’t understand how to be MEN
  • Highlights of upcoming Apologetics class
  • #LifeRuined
  • TONIGHT episode 112 will be part 2 of episode 111 “Why Christian Zionism Is A Problem”
  • Discussion Q&A tonight – join us
 8:53 Do you have a vocation or a career?

Explanation of YouTube link (where it is located etc)

The nature of the mass communication industry.

8:58 Do you cook/prepare your own meals?

HEADLINE: In Defense of Slow, ‘From-Scratch’ Cooking by Gracy Olmstead

  • Do you watch a cooking show and say I want to make that or do you find a restaurant that prepares that?
  • Cooking at home is a ……..if you answered vocation, you would be correct
  • Schwan’s Home Delivery
  • Shouldn’t cooking need some time? You spend time watching TV and playing sports, and practices etc. Food keeps you alive and should be important enough for you to carve some time out of the day for it.
  • We spend about 10 hours a day staring at screens
 9:23  Did you know the Crusade Channel has an on-demand store?
 9:26 Did you know that the Crusade Channel also has a prayer line? Submit your prayer request to and your request will be added!

  • All prayer requests are kept private. The prayer group are the ONLY people that know the request. They pray and fast for your intention. The intention list is vague unless specified by the person requesting.


9:30 Gregory Carpenter host of Reverse Deception

Coming up LIVE this afternoon on Reverse Deception 1CST

  • Discussing WiFi and why you have 2 different settings
  • apps that get rid of unwanted robo calls
  • how you can keep them busy so they can’t call anyone else
  • taking all your technical questions today
9:48 back to the In Defense of Slow, ‘From-Scratch’ Cooking

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