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Mike Church Show- The Wheels Are Coming Off The #Demoncrat Party’s Sin Wagon

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  HEADLINE: Obama delivers blazing critique of president in 2020 campaign trail debut by David Nakamura
29m  HEADLINE: Here’s how the media is misreporting COVID-19’s death toll in America by Jay W. Richards, Douglas Axe and William Briggs


 Special Guest Robert Morgan 

Proud Boys – how is it the media can say anything and the people just go “yes that must be the truth”?

  • Pope Francis – the media lies about him constantly
  • The quote is taken completely out of context – they even spliced in pieces to that and no one knows where this really came from.
  • The problem is most of the people speak English primarily.

Deus Vult – everyone knows what this is.

Cui Bono – to whom is it a benefit

  • How might chaos be sown into the Catholic church?
  • Civil Unions
  • 5 Previous Films from this specific film makers – you learn this guys track record
  • The trailer looks amazing actually – about the Pope
  • The President isn’t clear a great deal of times.
  • They start w/ the predisposition they don’t like him to begin with so that is how they ‘perceive’ what he says.
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BREAKING NEWS: Lt. Tony Bobulinski Public Statement

Discussing Hunter Biden and Joe Biden knowing EXACTLY what was going on in the China and other foreign countries.

  • You cannot drag the country into acrimony and hatred and corruption?
  • It certainly isn’t President Trump.
  • Does Hillary Clinton come to the rescue and save the Biden campaign?
  • There is NO WAY Joe Biden didn’t know about these dealings.




















 Special Guest William M Briggs

Statistician To The Stars –

Author of book – The Price of Panic ‘How the Tyranny of Experts Turned a Pandemic Into a Catastrophe’ 

  • 77,000-200,000 died of flu and pneumonia 
  • Why didn’t we panic then?
  • QUESTION: Year after year people die in January and February people die due to flu, why is that?
  • ANSWER: They are cooped up b/c of the snow and bad weather.
  • QUESTION: What was the solution the government gave to ‘cure’ or ‘solve’ the COVID virus?
  • This week Gov Cuomo has a new book out boasting his success in killing all these people! 
  • The WHO had a report from years back saying LOCKDOWNS don’t work, where did that go exactly?
  • #CoronaDoom
  • States out West their population density is less and weather is warmer.
  • It is difficult to look at East vs West b/c of that.
  • Sweden – has had ZERO deaths attributed to COVID
  • Asian countries did particularly well – what does this say?
  • 200+ countries – took their data and LOCKDOWN countries did NO BETTER in-fact they did a worse.
  • Not Neil Ferguson – he ran the team and became popular b/c he violated his own lockdown mandates.
  • He has made predictions year after year “we are ALL gonna die” and they never come true so why do we believe him still?
  • They put their numbers out in a strange per capita analysis.
  • State of Louisiana – background noise now – you probably have the same number of flu and pneumonia deaths. 
  • They are taking this “we can’t have ANY deaths” approach for these Liberal cities.
  • The models they rely on are nuts.
  • CASES – these are not cases they are not cases – up until 2019 in medicine we had an INFECTION and then CASES
  • Cases – people who sought or required treatment
  • Infection Fatality Rates
  • Population Fatality Rates
  • We are all confusing these numbers
  • Over 1 million tests a day – the test is so sensitive it puts out positive indications.
  • If you look at the numbers from the WHO, we see basically ZERO deaths from the flu when every single year we have thousands of people that die due to the flue.
  • Masks don’t work, it is just a visible indication that you belong to the NEW CULT OF HEALTH. 
  • Look at the scientific studies masks just don’t work for this.
  • The fear I have – the flu will disappear in tracking and it will be attributed to COVID and they will use this to paint FLU deaths as COVID to keep this pandemic going.
  LIVE BREAKING NEWS – Lindsey Graham from the Senate Floor on ACB VOTE
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   BREAKING NEWS RECAP – ACB unanimously added to the SCOTUS
   Twitter has now RED FLAGGED the statement made by Lt Tony Bobulinski
  Digital Media Files – 

AUDIO/VIDEO: President Ronald Reagan – When the commission tried to turn off Ronald Reagan’s mic! Reagan picks up the microphone and yells….“Is this on?/  Mr. Breen, I am paying for this microphone! (1980 Presidential Primary Debate)

AUDIO/VIDEO: Barack Obama  speaking to Biden supporters on a sidewalk “you can run all the TV ads you want but at the end of the day, it is about people connecting w/ people.”

AUDIO/VIDEO: Trump administration – announced the 1st Government Center for Countering Human Trafficking in the US. The press was asked if they had any follow-up questions….. * CRICKETS from the MSM on follow-up questions*

    BREAKING NEWS with Richard Barrett – the Senate has approved subpoenas for Twitter, Google and FB

AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Hawley “If you are an everyday small business persona dn don’t have the inside track to the Good Giant big tech, they will silence you. The tech giants have been allowed to grow to big.” S3983 Amend the Communications Act of 1934

  • The Senate has a duty to act in this instance.
  • The wheels have come off of this Democrat party.

HEADLINE: Harris, prominent Democrats listed as ‘key contacts’ for Biden family business venture projects by Brooke Singman

  Special Guest Mike and Jared from Tobacco Tours

Website –

  • More Cubans than any other person rolling cigars.
  • The style and craftsmanship of the product.
  • The binding and bunching, rolling, finishing and wrapping.

FROM THE BEGINNING to the END – they do it all.

  • A lot of guys today do HORIZONTAL wrapping.
  • One plant up and down – today they use Ecuadorian wrapper, Dominican binder, and something completely different for the filler.
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