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Meet Mike Church’s Suggested Gift Membership Messages

today08/31/2017 15

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ATTENTION!! When using this form letter make sure you replace EVERYTHING inside [ ] brackets, in BLUE with your own words and the delete any of my suggestions which appear in RED.

Hey [insert YOUR Friend’s name or nickname here]!

First off, do NOT hit “delete” yet because I’m not tryin’ to sell you anything. Actually I BOUGHT you something: a [choose gift level below, then delete the other 2]

30 day Founder’s Pass gift membership

90 day Founder’s Pass gift membership

1 year Founder’s Pass gift membership

This means that you can listen to  that Mike Church guy’s, commercial FREE, Premium radio radio station you always hear me rambling about. AND you have On-Demand and Download access to 1.9 years worth of his and all the other shows like The Deliver Us From Evil Tapes, The True Money Show and Greg Carpenter’s Reverse Deception! Just click this link, fill out the First & Last Name, email address and password, then click the green “Redeem Gift” button and you’re in! You can start listening and enjoying the CRUSADE Channel Premium Stream immediately!

You should also go ahead and download their FREE app, it’s awesome and will give you mobile access to the same content!

When the gift membership expires, I really hope you’ll signup to continue listening and supporting what I think is the BEST RADIO STATION there is on-air today: The CRUSADE Channel!

Cheers [insert your signoff here],


p.s. If you have ANY trouble redeeming the gift, The CRUSADE Channel’s customer support is really good and they do it by phone after you open up a support ticket by going here and ask for a callback:


Written by: jadechampagne

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