Mike Church Show-190416 – Segment 2 – The Founding of Our Republic of St Tammany

Written by on 04/19/2016

Mandeville, LA – [Editor’s Note: The presentation of the daily Mike Church Show has now been consolidated into two, 90 minute long segments per broadcast day. Founders Pass members who are logged in will notice there is a built in playlist that appears on each day’s posts that has an accompanying RSS feed and is updated chronologically as we add files. This should make the Mike Church Show content much easier to locate and enjoy plus share with friends and family. – Site Admin]

Segment 3 – Reading from Remnant columnist Lt Col. James Bogle who details exactly what the duties of a Catholic are when living in a secular state not consecrated to Christ the King. The teaching requires Catholics to never cease working toward this consecration of the State and restoring the correct governing order of the Law of God residing OVER the laws of Men. This leads to a bold statement and  commitment to founding The Republic of St Tammany under the flag of the Cu-ore de Sacra

Segment 4 – Patrick J Buchanan posits that the ineligible Ted Cruz will continue his detestable candidacy by topping off promises to have “First Lady Heidi” bring hamburgers and french fries back to the  (*sarcasm*) ” Constitutional School lunch program and then invoking the methodology of the 1919 World Series competitors. Mike agrees and embellishes on the Founders intentions for the “School lunch program clause”.

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