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Mike Church Show-Texas GOP Votes To Texit As The Utter Declaration Of Dependence Dawns

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Mike Church Show-Texas GOP Votes To Texit As The Utter Declaration Of Dependence Dawns

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HEADLINE: TNM Moves Closer To Making A TEXIT Vote The Official Position of the Republican Party of Texas by TNM Admin

The two planks read as follows:  

33. State Sovereignty: Pursuant to Article 1, Section 1, of the Texas Constitution, the federal government has impaired our right of local self-government. Therefore, federally mandated legislation that infringes upon the 10th Amendment rights of Texas should be ignored, opposed, refused, and nullified. Texas retains the right to secede from the United States, and the Texas Legislature should be called upon to pass a referendum consistent thereto.

224. Texas Independence: We urge the Texas Legislature to pass a bill in its next session requiring a referendum in the 2023 general election for the people of Texas to determine whether or not the State of Texas should reassert its status as an independent nation.

  • Every time we go to the ballot box, WE lose.


  • Our parish has sold its soul to the devil – St Tammany Parish
  • If a developer comes here and says I’m going to kill 2,000 children in 5 years but in those 5 years I will make your parish rich – they will do it!
  • If you are a Christian and you live in Christendom you have the best advocate fo all, Jesus Christ. 
  • QUESTION: What do you citizens of Texas think you have to lose?
  • TEXAS has been ground zero for a ground that hasn’t really been fought yet.
  • Who is an alien enemy and who is a alien friend.
  • QUESTION: Can the US conscript a naturalized citizen of Honduras and compel them into it’s army?
  • This is how you determine citizenship into countries. 
  • The people that swam the river to enter illegally, you cannot be conscripted, via our draft, to fight in our military. 
  • Now that is different for militias.
  • Citizens of TEXAS can call up their own militia. 
  Texas vs White Apr 12, 1869  

FACTS of the Case: In 1851, Congress authorized the transfer of $10 million worth of United States bonds to the state of Texas. The Reconstruction government claimed that the bonds had been illegally sold by the Confederate state legislature during the American Civil War. When the Reconstruction government tried to reclaim the bonds, Texas filed suit directly in the United States Supreme Court, which retains original jurisdiction in certain cases in which a state is a party. 

CONCLUSION:  In a 5-to-3 decision, the Court held that Texas did indeed have the right to bring suit. The Court held that Texas had remained a state, despite joining the Confederate States of America and its being under military rule at the time of the decision. The Court further held that individual states could not unilaterally secede from the Union and that the acts of the insurgent Texas legislature–even if ratified by a majority of Texans–were “absolutely null.” Even during the period of rebellion, however, the Court found that Texas continued to be a state.

   FROM THE CRUSADER STADIUM: Texas will soon become the Donbas.
   The Framework of a Christian State –

The Guild State – 

BOTH of these books are in the Founders Tradin’ Post 

TKD reads excerpt from The Framework of a Christian State ——

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   HEADLINE: FIFA plans to drop testosterone measurement for biological men who self identify as women in soccer by Post Millennial 


 HEADLINE: Japan Court Rules Gay Marriage Not Protected By Constitution, Says Marriage Is For Bearing And Raising Children by Corinne Murdock

From the Article: Marriage shall be based only on the mutual consent of both sexes and it shall be maintained through mutual cooperation with the equal rights of husband and wife as a basis. 

  • Holy Japanese Empire – that doesn’t mean they are Catholic or holy in that manner.
  • They may have done things that made God happy but I haven’t studied the Japanese Emperor closely enough to determine that here.
  • What this says is the authorities in Japan are trying to save the FUTURE of Japan.
  • The sodomites will NOT ensure the future!
  • They do their sodomy and get a disease and die off.
  • They don’t have babies, they buy babies from heterosexual couples.

From the Article: Areas in the U.S. with the highest percentages of same-sex couple households were some of the most liberal destinations: the San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkley in California; Portland, Vancouver, and Hillsboro along the Oregon and Washington border; and Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue in Washington.

  AUDIO/VIDEO: A Message for American by Gonzalo Lira II 

  • Is Biden and all Americans waving a fake Ukrainian flag responsible for the death of these young men?
  Disney and the Grooming of our children –

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  HEADLINE: Labor Shortage Stymies Construction Work as $1 Trillion Infrastructure Spending Kicks In by Julie Bykowicz 

FROM THE ARTICLE: “The severity of the labor shortage means you’re paying workers more and your construction schedules are longer, both of which are big drivers in overall cost,” said Brian Turmail

  • None of these transportation products should be happening right now.
  • If the state can’t afford to maintain their own roads, maybe they should institute toll fees. 
   HEADLINE: Does The Vaccine Apparatus Actually Think The Acronym “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” Will Make All These Sudden Deaths Seem Part Of The “New Normal?” by Celia Farber 

HEADLINE: Shattered wife relives the horrific moment her fit husband, 35, dropped dead in front of her from a condition linked to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome – and shares the ONE test that could have saved him by Kevin Airs 

   HEADLINE: Desantis Vs. Hated Gop Establishment by Rod Dreher 

AUDIO/VIDEO: PRIDE MONTH: Here’s How the Navy Is Training Sailors on Proper Gender Pronouns 

FROM THE ARTICLE: Get me a presidential candidate who will end this bullsh*t and fire every damn general and admiral who brought this corruption into the Armed Services, and I’ll vote for him with no hesitation. Whatever else might be said about Ron DeSantis, he stood up to Woke Capitalism and the media, for the sake of protecting the children of Florida, at a time when most national GOP politicians kept their mouths shut. I don’t know about you, but I have no interest in Republicans whose point in life is to make the poison pill go down easier. Mac Stipanovich and I are on the opposite side of this issue, but he’s right about this: “It’s too late to turn back.” 

  • Written by Rod Dreher Friend: The Great Realignment is underway. Not since the 1890s have the parties endured such a tectonic shift in constituent loyalties. David French is laughably wrong: champagne and caviar Think Tank classical liberalism is dead. Dead, dead, dead. If Republicans do not jettison The Donald AND the C-Suite Donor Class, we are headed for a Bull Moose moment.


 HEADLINE: The Politics of Hell by Urban Bannon 

INTRO – Let’s start with a little guided meditation. I want you to imagine a society—a society made up of self-absorbed, atomized individuals—a society in which the various members tolerate each other, because they know they need each other, but only so that each of them can achieve his own private ambitions and desires—a society, moreover, that is in open rebellion against its own origins.

FROM THE ARTICLE: As we turn to consider the demons themselves, I should warn you that we will not really be getting to their politics proper until the second half of this lecture. I hope it is fair to assume that I am not speaking to a room of professional angelologists, so we will have a good amount of ground to cover on our way there, so that we can appreciate what we will find when we arrive. I think it is best to begin by situating demonology within the whole of Christian theology, because there is always a risk of exaggerating the importance of Satan, or of becoming inordinately curious about the workings of the underworld. Don’t get me wrong: The demons are very real, and so is spiritual warfare. But, it turns out, indulging a morbid fascination with the devil is a great way to lose in that spiritual warfare. 

  • The Catholic Church’s teaching on Satan and the demons is not at all the center of Christian revelation. It is a side teaching, a marginal doctrine, that is, a peripheral truth in the hierarchy of revealed truths. It needs to remain so. A preaching of the Christian faith obsessed with the devil would be completely unbalanced. Indeed, the doctrine on Satan must be subordinated to and integrated with the most fundamental truths of the faith: the mystery of God and of his loving plans brought about by the victory of Christ, which frees believers from the powers of evil. Therefore, Satan’s place in the Christian faith is precisely under the feet of the risen Christ.
  • Satan spurned God’s invitation to a supernatural destiny, in a kind of diabolical version of Peter Pan Syndrome, with the other rebel angels as his Lost Boys. As punishment for this narcissism—ever since that moment of perfect, eternal demerit—the demons have experienced the pain of loss: the deprivation of the beatific vision and friendship with God, which is the only true happiness. Additionally, as further consequences of that most capital punishment, the demons’ intellects also have been darkened vis-à-vis supernatural knowledge; their wills have been made obstinate; they have suffered grief in the resistance of their wills to the way things are (Fr. Bonino says that they are “allergic to reality”); and they have been cast into hell and the earth’s dark atmosphere as places of punishment for their original—and perpetual—sin.
  • FROM THE ARTICLE: Now, you might think that such coordinated self-interest would not be a very strong basis for political unity. You would be right. There is no true concord in the infernal kingdom, for concordia means “a union of hearts,” and the anti-social principle of pride breeds only discord. As Fr. Bonino says, “Pride nurtures a constant preference for its own good to the disregard of the common good.” One thing that does help to unite the demons, however, is their common enemy. They forge a “social contract,” as it were, in order to wage war more effectively against God and man. Thus St. Thomas writes in the reply to an objection:  The concord of the demons, whereby some obey others, is not from any friendship that they have among themselves; but from their common wickedness, by which they hate men, and fight against the justice of God. For it is proper [also] to wicked men that they should join themselves to one another and be subject to those whom they perceive to be stronger, for carrying out each his own individual wickedness.
  • NONE of these LGBTQ people care about the COMMON good. 
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