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Mike Church Show-The CDC Flip Flop On Face Diapers Proves They Made The Whole CoronaHoax Up

Written by on 05/17/2021

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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33m HEADLINE: Delta Air Lines says new employees must be vaccinated for the coronavirus by Lori Aratani 

  • So if you are currently an employee you have to provide a ‘sufficient’ reason as to why you don’t want to take the vaccine, they will allow you to not take it.
  • ALL future employees will have to take the vaccine for employment.
  • All the more reason if you are paying attention to the ‘shedding’ this vaccine does, you can start to make a list to avoid certain airlines.
  • SIDE BAR: MOVIE – Catch Me If You Can w/ Leonardo DiCaprio
44m HEADLINE: Airlines May Start Weighing Passengers Amid Obesity Crisis by ZeroHedge Tyler Durden

  • So they will start weighing passengers that seem large to force them to pay for an extra seat.
  • FAA – 
  • Safety reasons and fuel calculations.
HEADLINE: 246 Fully Vaccinated People in Michigan Test Positive for COVID-19; 3 Dead by Zachary Stieber 
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Interphobia = as coined in a fantastic 2010 blog post by openly intersex and trans* Professor Cary Gabriel Costello, PhD — is another term for what we have been calling “intersexphobia” for several years. Intersexphobia and Interphobia are defined as negative attitudes and feelings towards people who are believed to possess biological sex traits that are not typically male or female, known as Intersex Traits (whether they are actually born with them or simply exhibit non-bonary gender identity or expression, which is commonly associated with having congenital Intersex Traits.
1h30m AUDIO/VIDEO: CDC Director Rochelle Walensky – “Not all of those 223 case who had OCIVD actually died OF COVID. They may have had mild diseases but died, for example, of a heart attack.”

(now all of the sudden the CDC wants there to be a distinction of WITH and OF COVID)


  • There is now a distinction of dying WITH COVID and FROM COVID?
1h41m AUDIO/VIDEO: Rachel Maddow – “I fell like will have to rewire myself so that when I see someone outside w/o a mask I don’t INSTANTLY think you are a threat or you are selfish or you are a COVID denier.” 

  • These people need our prayers.
  • She publicly admits she has treated non-maskers as a THREAT.
  • From the party that screams “respect me and everyone deserves human dignity” she admits to do just the opposite during this virus outbreak.
  • What happens when us Catholic/Christians withdraw from the society and form our own?
  • They will see what a life w/o Christ is really like.
HEADLINE: Leftists Want Us Dead. Or in Prison. Or Locked in to Starve at Home. by John Zmirack

SIDE BAR: From the Desk of Donald J. Trump: Breaking News! New polling by CBS News on the state of the Republican Party (which is very strong!). “President Trump has a strong hold on the GOP.” 80% of Republicans agree with the removal of Liz Cheney from GOP Leadership and only 20% disagree. The poll also showed that 67% of Republicans said that they do not consider Sleepy Joe Biden to be the legitimate winner of the 2020 Presidential Election. I agree with them 100%, just look at the facts and the data—there is no way he won the 2020 Presidential Election!

From the Desk of Donald J. Trump: Congratulations to Drew McKissick on a great win today in his re-elect as Chairman of the Republican Party of South Carolina. It was a great win against a strong and talented opponent. The Republican Party of South Carolina is in good hands and we will continue to go on to victory as we have had in the past two Presidential Elections!

  • Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry – Saint Padre Pio
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Capitol Police – telling Trump supporters on January 6th, you can remain inside the building as long as they ‘remain peaceful’.

  • This video evidence clearly shows they wanted to be peaceful.
  • This video clearly shows DC Capitol police telling them it was OKAY to come in as long as they were peaceful.
  • Biden in his SOTU address said this was the worst attack in history. 

BACK TO Zmirack –












Author of Terror of Demons and Family Be Damned

Follow Kennedy Hall on Twitter:

  • Swiss Law states they can’t look at your information on your website and as long as it isn’t illegal or illicit you can host your site on a Swiss-based server.
  • Swiss Policy Research 
  • The Demonic is key.
  • I have attended many rallies, anti-lockdown rallies but the most recent the March for Life in Toronto.

HEADLINE: Melinda Gates reportedly sought out divorce lawyers in 2019 when news of Bill Gates’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein surfaced. Here’s how the two men were connected. by Katie Canales

  • Maybe this Bill Gates thing is separation of assets and things, this will happen with people that are living a sinful life. 
  • The evil will always come out.
  • You can’t go against Christs’ Momma’ and not get knocked in the face.
  • SIDE BAR: Our Lady of the Lake Church – story of the miracle
BACK TO Zmirack piece –

  • The only sin seems to be the act of calling out the sin.
  • The sin itself doesn’t seem to be an issue w/ today’s society.
AUDIO/VIDEO: CNN Abby Phillips- ‘searing visuals’ of gas lines brings ‘people back to the Carter years’
AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Ocasio-Cortez – ‘the US must acknowledge its role in the injustice and human rights violations of Palestinians, this is about a balance of power. Israel banned two members of Congress from entering their country simply because of who they were.’ 
3h29m HEADLINE: Microsoft board ousted Bill Gates amid investigation into affair with staffer, report says by Scott Stump




HEADLINE: American Boy Scouts have gone WOKE: Eagles now required to earn ‘diversity and inclusion’ badges by James Anthony

  • Diversity training will also now be mandator for all employees of the organization, with another version forthcoming for volunteers as well, and a “specific diversity and inclusion merit badge” has now been made a requirement in order to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. This badge will “require scouts to learn about and angage with the other groups and cultures to increase understanding and spur positive action”.
  • The disgusting nature of the homosexual act cannot be discussed at length b/c people find it offensive but they are willing to promote LOVE = LOVE in the next rainbow parade.
  • The Scouts have also been embroiled in historical and recent sexual assault scandals, to the tune of a whopping 7,800 leaders and 12,000 scouts being involved over several decades. Also, the organization has fallen on financial hard time, and even had to file for bankruptcy last year.
  • QUESTION: How do you earn this badge?
HEADLINE: Space Force CO Who Got Holiday Call from Trump Fired Over Comments Decrying Marxism in the Military by Oriana Pawlyk
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