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Sticker Shock Due To Inflation
  • Increase of 60% at the local stores.
  • This is happening to all people so why aren’t more people discussing this?
  • Why isn’t this all over the MSM?
  • The inflation isn’t just 8% it is more like 20%.
  • The numbers and/or prices don’t lie.
  • Our eyes are telling us inflation is running out of control.
QUESTION: How Many Hours Per Day Do Americans Watch TV? ANSWER: 8 hours and 45 minutes per day It is better to do something than to do nothing. HEADLINE: Gin, Television, and Social Surplus by Clay Shirky 
  • Media is now civilization.
  • Platforms of communication in civilization = social media.
  • We just can’t consume enough.
  • Look at big box stores like Sam’s club and Costco.
  • How did they get away with this?
  • Like Gretchen Whitmer – how did she get away w/ doing all the COVID lockdowns?
  • The social media software told her citizens it was okay.
HEADLINE: Fake Apologies Don’t Cancel Accountability by Cindy Sheehan 
  • Sorry, Bro—the massive damage is already done. The failed policies for a fakedemic have wreaked havoc on societies all over the world. Perhaps, millions are dead and others are permanently harmed beCause of the “policies” of this boutique $cience: Where the “facts” are twisted to fit the policy, just like the “facts” about invading Iraq were cherry-picked and twisted to fit the policy of a pre-emptive invasion of a country that had no ability to harm the U.S.

Written by: Justin Redman

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