Mike Church Show Video-The Pope’s Confusion, Trump & The Coming “Color” Revolution with E. Michael Jones

Written by on 10/27/2020

Mike Church Show Video-The Pope’s Confusion, Trump & The Coming “Color” Revolution with E. Michael Jones

Kamala Harris

Pope Francis – Homosexual Unions

  • This is all in Spanish by the way – we have a right to BE in a family.
  • Then he says no one should be KICKED out of a family.
  • People know in the Spanish culture people do in-fact kick relatives out of families when they ‘come out’.
  • This is why Popes should NEVER do documentaries. 
  • He said civil unions – back in Argentina
  • This does sow confusion among the faithful.
  • This is precisely why Popes should not publish books or do documentaries.
  • They say WE they don’t say I but here we are with this Pope using I.

HEADLINE: Wilton Gregory Is the Deep Church by Emily Finley

Amy Coney Barrett – Notre Dame

  • 6 Catholics are now on the bench
  • SCOTUS – I’m glad she was confirmed
  • She should have said I will not impose my religious views on the American people anymore than RBG did.
  • Jewish vs Catholicism 
  • RBG helped w/ abortion and no one said anything about her imposing her Jewish beliefs onto women!
  • So now we have the Catholic vote which is the most important vote and Trump wants it.
  • Notre Dame denounced her! The loser facility members denounced her and said she should withdraw herself.
  • November 3rd Vote – 
  • If Trump carries the Catholic vote it is over, he wins hands down.
  • The age of Fatima is over – I think that was a Communism thing and Russia communism has fallen and is now a Catholic country. 
  • The MAIN issue I believe is LAW & ORDER for Catholics
  • Generalizing Pedophilia – 
  • George Soros – using social media to stir up a mob to contest the election results.


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