CoronaTARP2 Vote -The Day Liberty & The ‘Murican Congress Died IN Congress

Written by on 03/27/2020

CoronaTARP2 Vote -The Day Liberty & The ‘Murican Congress Died IN Congress

by Mike Church

The point of having rules is so when a controversy arises there is a neutral, fair method of attaining a resolution. Apparently this is a newsflash for those members of Congress in this session who seem to love quoting “The Constitution” but don’t know the first thing about what it establishes: RULES for the General Government of The United States. 



At 1:28 P.M. eastern standard time, the Congress voted for the biggest single “bill” in history, a $2 TRILLION turkey of a “bailout” for the crisis THEY caused. Over Representative Thomas Massie’s valid and heroic objections they voted on VOICE VOTE for the bill and with less than 100 members present on voice vote that they had a quorum. A Quorum requires “a Majority of The House…”, 218. Here’s Massie’s heroic act on behalf of the United States.

Representative Massie is an American Hero, folks. Here are my Tweets on the matter with pictures cause people like ’em pictures!

My final point on this day that history will record, the Congress sided with the mob, the ‘Murican experiment ended and the beginning of the next chapter be that anarchy, dictatorship or some form of horrid socialist oligarchy (my money’s on this one). All hail, Czar Donald The I.

God help us all. Our Lady of The America’s, Pray For Us!

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