Hillcrest Women’s Medical Center: Good Riddance!

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Winchester, VA – The cause for women and childrens’ health received a boost on Wednesday when Pennsylvania state Secretary of Health Karen Murphy announced the closure of the Hillcrest Women’s Medical Center, an abortion clinic, after an unannounced monitoring visit turned up multiple health violations which led the department to conclude the clnic was an unsafe place for women to receive care. Hillcrest made the news last winter when an inspection in February turned up multiple health violations, also. Among these violations cited by Pennlive and the Christian Post, are: lack of a registered nurse on staff; failure to provide documentation that the abortion provider was board certified in obstetrics and gynecology; lack of required background checks for those treating miniors, lack of patient monitoring while in recovery after an abortion; failure to type blood before surgery, expired sterilization and medical supplies dating back to 2004. A local prolife group, Undefeated Courage, spoke to LifeNews about the clinic staff, describing them as “cold and callous,” having witnessed post-abortive women leaving the clinic in severe pain and seeing the staff walking past then without bothering help them. It is unknown whether the clinic will update its services to meet code requirements or whether it will remain shut down. Let us pray for the latter.


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