The CoronaHoax™ II Is Here! Day of The Masking Dead!

Written by on 06/29/2020

The CoronaHoax™ II Is Here! Day of The Masking Dead!

Masks will be required in Jefferson Parish under new emergency order; here are the details

It’s summer and its prime season to build the immune system up but what are our incredibly moronic “leaders” doing!? Writing executive orders to COMPEL useless “masking” and the grand hoax that is “social distancing” regimens for those least likely to become symptomatic for the flu: young people! It’s not the walking dead! 

How are “new cases” being measured, for example in Ohio? Watch and learn how government is manipulating the data for maximum terror and to keep the hoax alive until November 4th (that’s MY take on this video, not Bill Cunningham of WLKW Radio)

Ms. Sheng Lee is a useful idiot tool for quack government doctors. Someone in #NOLA media should ask:

1. How many “infections resulted in hospitalizations for more than 3 days?

2. Of that group, how many mortalities?

3. How many positive “infections” or “cases” result from multiple “positive” tests?

4. What is the overall mortality rate of the entire population?

Coming to Jefferson Parish, all of Texas and Florida, healthy young people, now “infected” with the ‘Rona Virus that is threatening all life on earth. If they venture out without masks, grandma’s brain gets eaten first!

This is a political stunt and if its not then our governments are filled with people so incredibly stupid we should be horrified they have people with guns working for them.

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