Reconquest Episode 39: Christ’s Finished Work

Written by on 08/31/2016

In Episode thirty-nine of Reconquest, I consider “Christ’s finished work.” In so doing, I am replying to an objection I received via email by a Baptist gentleman who listens to the show. He said he often finds himself in agreement with what I say, but was taking exception to the Catholic doctrine of Purgatory because it detracts, he says, from Christ’s finished work on the Cross.

I attempted to show, through Scripture and reason that, while Christ’s work is finished; mine is not. While Christ’s work is perfect; mine is not. And we are cooperators in the great work of our own salvation.

On another note, I have recently catalogued all the Reconquest show archives, fixing the links (since the earlier shows have been migrated from to They can be found here, in groups of ten:


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Brother, nice job on the response B.E. I pray for a positive reaction from him. In listening to the email you read, however, I would like to offer that B.E.’s construct “That Christ’s work was finished on the Cross” is based on a flawed argument a priori. As former Presbyterian theologian turned Catholic theologian Scott Hahn has proven, among others, the words from John 19:30 (as they appear in Protestant Bibles) “It is finished” (in the Latin, “consummatum est” i.e. “it is consummated”) do NOT refer to the work of Redemption on the Cross but instead refer to the conclusion of the New Covenant’s institution, replacing the Paschal -Jewish ritual. Watch Hahn’s video here:

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