The Breakdown – Is contact tracing the way forward for our economy? Vox Pushes Contract Tracing “Disease Detectives” As the Way Forward Vox, the bastion of unbiased journalism, has produced a piece to walk the average lay person through “contact tracing.”  Billing the privacy violating position as “Disease Detectives”, the story walks the reader through the process […]

The Republic of Texas Today we cover the Ten Things the AP wants You to Know. Boeing Crisis could hurt the US economy more than the last Government shutdown. Michael Avenatti caught extorting Nike for $20 million. Apple has a credit card now? Disney set to realize a streaming service to rival Netflix and you will not believe […]

Mandeville, La – The truth about the Potato Famine and centuries of British perpetrated genocide against the Catholic Irish peoples! Audio & References Chris Fogarty                            Friends of Ireland The Truth About The Irish Famine/Genocide References The life of John Mitchel,William Dillon, […]

Mandeville, La – Just when you thought the government had not told you everything, JunkBond reminds you that you are right… PREMIUM SUBSCRIBER CONTENT-ALL Membership Levels

Mandeville, La – RFK, like his brother was assassinated, but was it really Sirhan Sirhan? PREMIUM SUBSCRIBER CONTENT-ALL Membership Levels

Mandeville, LA –Secret Agent Man Carpenter, Greg Carpenter investigates the FBI and several high profile conspiracy theories. Don’t look the other way you might miss something! [php snippet=5]        

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