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Gallup: 54% Want Government To Solve More Problems in U.S.

54% Want Government To Solve More Problems in U.S. Via For the first time in Gallup's 28-year trend, a majority of Americans think the government should do more to solve the nation's problems. As the U.S. continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic, the resulting economic downturn, and racial injustice issues, 54% of U.S. adults favor increased government intervention, while 41% think the government is doing too much that […]

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The Breakdown: Federal Overreach In Portland Should Be A Big Concern for Everyone

Federal Overreach In Portland Should Be A Big Concern for Everyone Personal COVID-19 Update So my family has been exposed to a couple of people that may have COVID-19 and we are anxiously awaiting to hear their results.  As such, it's hunker down time which, to be honest, can get kind of boring.  However, if we are going to help protect others from potential exposure then we must do that.  Get more […]

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The Breakdown: How Will Seven Billion Vaccines Be Administered? Will They Do Any Good?

The 'New Normal' Will Be Around Until There Is A Vaccine Let’s talk about vaccines for a few minutes.  Let’s discuss the silliness of shutting down the economy until we get a vaccine that will do something of value.  Then, let's talk about how the consensus among epidemiologists is that the COVID-19 is here to stay.  Instead of having the "cold and flu season" we will have the "cold, flu […]

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Matt Trewhella


The Breakdown – The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates with Matt Trewhella

The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates with Matt Trewhella America is at a Crossroads There has never been a time in the history of our country like the epoch we are facing with the Coronavirus. Businesses have been required to shut down.  Some will never reopen their doors Nearly 30 million American's are out of work Rent is going unpaid Children aren't being fed Domestic violence, alcoholism, pornography, child molestation, and […]

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Basic Survival Kit-Water

Basic Survival Kit-Water     This is the first of the Basic Survival Kit (BSK) series After 3 days you will die without water, this is an undeniable fact. Water is one of the things that we take for granted in our society. Don't believe me? Walk into any convenience store and glance at the refrigerator. Yet despite these this, when a disaster situation occurs, many are surprised at how quickly […]

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The Trumps Take on FAANG At White House Oligarch Fest

Winchester, VA - Jared Kushner, son-in-law to President Donald Trump and one of his closest advisers kicked off Technology Week at the White House in an attempt to modernize the United States government.  The Associated Press reports that the heads of multiple technology companies met at the White House to brainstorm on issues such as modernizing technology infrastructure, cyber-security and visas for workers from foreign countries. In attendance were the […]