Just War

Mandeville, LA – Here is a rare explanation of Just War Theory and why the Syrian “civil-war” is a Just War action by Syrians FOR Syrians and the Western interventions of ‘Muricah, baby-killing UK’ers  and newly blood-thirsty French are UNjust. Michael Hichborn joins the final hour for a no-holds-barred takedown of the “best interest of […]

Mandeville, LA – The reality of the DeceptiCON, war-monger’s takeover of the Trump White House, should be dawning and then looming like a 10 mile wide asteroid careening for the eastern Atlantic Ocean’s coast, to the #MAGA faithful. Then again, most of them lost the capacity to care about Just War when Saddam received his […]

Mandeville, LA – Laurie Calhoun, author of We Kill Because We Can, comes on the show to continue the discourse on Just War Theory. Mike takes Free Phone Friday phone calls, including a call from Kurt Wallace of The Flow.   Support the Veritas Radio Network and the CRUSADE Channel, Radio The Way It Should Be, […]

Mandeville, LA – The story of a woman drone operator (Tina) is shared, via Laurie Calhoun’s blog (We Kill Because We Can).  When a government is acting in sinful error, you have a duty to oppose it.  Soldiers have been told for years that the wars they are fighting are JUST.  How do you think man […]

Mandeville, LA – We are all now a part of the Trumpzilla TV Show! Mike reveals to listeners that they should purchase the movie Risen– what an accurate and great movie! The oft-repeated line: “There are no enemies here.” Did you know that Muhammed Ali (Cassius Clay) is a descendant of former Speaker of the […]

Mandeville, LA – Two weeks ago, the Obama edict requiring transgender bathrooms came down.  What has Texas done about it?  What has North Carolina done about it? What has Louisiana and Georgia and Tennessee done about it?  Nothing.  The Republican parties of these states are full of cowards. The state of Louisiana has laws that […]

Mandeville, LA – Last week, President Obama gave a speech in Japan; the immediate response from “conservatives” was to the tune of ‘Oh, Obama’s on another apology tour…’.  The maniacal deceptiCons piled it on thick.  But, let’s look at the logic of this.  Was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki moral??  It was NOT okay.  Although […]

Mandeville, LA –  IT IS OVER. The average member of conservativeDumb would recommend a war movie with the theme of “war, war, war — kill, kill, kill!”.  Mike asks listeners to suggest Just War movie selections.  Mike’s choice for a Memorial Day movie is ‘Kelly’s Heroes’.  There is no chance that the republic can be […]

Mandeville, LA – Trumpzilla has so convincingly won the New York primary that the competition of Ineligible CruZombies and the hapless governor of Ohio John Kasich couldn’t earn a majority when their votes are added together. The looming primaries in California and Pennsylvania where Trumpzilla has large leads all but eliminate Cruz and Kasich yet the GOP […]

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