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The Mike Church Show

‘Muricah Needs More Courageous Fathers Not Gun Protests (We Could Use A Little Rick Flair Too!)

Mandeville, LA -Where are the REAL Men so desperately needed to raise 'Murica's young boys and mold them into manly men? Mike wants to know how FoxNews' Father Johnathan Martin could beatify Billy Graham on-air; where is Rick Flair when need him? [purchase_link id="49555" style="button" color="green" text="Non-Member Download" direct="true"] Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 6:11 Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show 844-5CRUSADE 6:14 Posting […]

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The Mike Church Show

God On The Go’s Janine Turner Greets The Mother of God’s Psalter

Mandeville, LA - Author, Podcaster and Actress Janine Turner -Northern Exposure, Cliffhanger - rejoins the Mike Church Show after a 5 year break. Janine's new podcast God on The Go, her books, current return to acting and Philosophia Perennis are discussed and then there's a popquiz question from Janine: "Mike, you're a Catholic?" The query provides a most surprising, Marian turn of events. In a world gone mad with darkness, […]

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The Second Amendment Wouldn’t Have Prevented Parkland, Waterloo or Hoth

Mandeville, LA -Listening to the "conservative" echo-chamber, you'd think that making 'Muricah's public schools more closely resemble Stalag 13 is a one-size fits all solution to "school violence" anywhere in the universe, because inserting more guns is always a good idea (yeah, just look what it's done for Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Nigeria....)! Mike also interviews actress Janine Turner with some very surprising results. Brother André Marie makes his Wednesday appearance […]

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The Mike Church Show

The Mother of God To Porn Kings- “You’re Fired” Now Avoid THE Fire

Mandeville, LA - Mike has asked the Real Men who listen to the MCS, regardless of denomination, to join him daily in praying to The Mother of God via The Holy Rosary -Sancta Dei Gentrix - for an end to the legal protections for 4 Mortal Sins: Abortion, Contraception, Sodomy and....Pornography. Now along comes Michael Warren on the pages of The American Conservative Magazine rallying the "conservative" troops to.... BAN […]

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If South Korea Can Host An Olympics They Can Play Stratego With North Koreans

Mandeville, LA - Its Fat Tuesday in New Orleans and the Mike Church Show has the last day before Lent covered (with TWO Catholic air raid warning sirens) with Traditional tips on fasting and mortification. Michael Hichborn of The LePanto Institute joins Mike for his weekly spot as well. [purchase_link id="49372" style="button" color="green" text="Non-Member Download" direct="true"] Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 6:10  Welcome to the Mike Church Show on […]

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The Mike Church Show

Dear #MAGA’s: Muricah’s New Foreign Policy Equals Death and Debt, Same As Old Policy, Only Worse

[purchase_link id="49230" style="button" color="green" text="Non-Member Download" direct="true"] Mandeville, LA - The reality of the DeceptiCON, war-monger's takeover of the Trump White House, should be dawning and then looming like a 10 mile wide asteroid careening for the eastern Atlantic Ocean's coast, to the #MAGA faithful. Then again, most of them lost the capacity to care about Just War when Saddam received his first dose of 'Murican Exceptionalism. Time  Red Pill […]

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Planned Parenthood’s preschool program seeks to corrupt young children

Winchester, VA - Church Militant is reporting that Planned Parenthood now has a “parenting resource section “on their website to help you educate, and I use the term “educate” very loosely here, to help you educate your children about their sexuality. They're making sure to get these children while they're young, advising parents of preschoolers to inform their children that “your genitals don't make you a boy or girl,” and “Trying […]

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CRUSADE Channel Preview Podcasts

Mike Church Show 040416 Seg 1 – Silly PayPal, KIDS Bathrooms Are For Kids!

Mandeville, LA - The anti-Christian bigotry foaming from the mouths of PayPal's executives continues and so does Mike's demolition of their claim that NC is "not affording equal opportunity for our employees" making Mike wonder if male PayPal employees routinely spend time in the ladies room or worse in the bathrooms of their daughter's at school? Mike also debuts the first in the Veritas Radio Network's revival of the Social […]

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CRUSADE Channel Preview Podcasts

Mike Church – Form Our Own republics & Put Springsteen On Our No-Fly List

Mandeville, LA - The LGBT Gaystapo 69th Light Loafered Infantry has recruited Field Commandumbs Brian Adams and the ever gullible, agnostic (that follows, right!?) Bruce Springsteen to their ranks. Mike asks the question then challenges his listeners "why don't WE do that? Why not form ourselves into our own communities, claimed by and for Christ, begin restoring Christendom and then make the error of sodomy endorsement, illegal which we can do […]

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