The Breakdown: The Democrats Are Planning A Full-On Coup Against Donald Trump With the Media, BLM, and Antifa in Full Tow! We Must Realize That The Dems Want Trump Gone at Any Cost The Dems have this fantasy that Trump will lose this election. Not simply losing but losing miserably. They’ve set out to ensure […]

Just What NOLA Needs: A BLM, Antifa Riot & Looting Event By Mike Church Colonel Rob Maness and I will discuss all these events and what might be done to prepare for or stop them completely on Friday, 06-05-20’s Mike Church Show Here on The Crusade Channel at 07:20am central, click to listen, LIVE! From […]

Protests In Michigan Didn’t Work; What’s The Next Move? Protesters stormed the capitol in Michigan on April 30th, 2020 to show their displeasure in the governor’s overreach during the COVID-19 crisis.  Yet it looked more the beginnings of a coup d’état in Michigan with armed citizens showing up in force.  However, even though they were […]

Winchester, VA – The Daily Caller is reporting on the firing of Nicholas Dean, principal of the Cresent Leadership Academy, a school for at risk, mostly poor students that no other schools will accept. Two years ago his work with these children, many minorities, was laudable enough to earn him public praise from NPR, but now […]

Mandeville, LA – Today begins the second year of broadcasting on the Veritas Radio Network!  Thank you for joining us! There are still protesters across America that refuse to accept the results of the presidential election: that Mr. Donald J. Trump has won the presidency.  Humorous as it is, these are the same people who like […]

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