A 7 Year Old Is Saved from Castration Because  Finally, We’ve Reached Peak TrannyMammy™! Binge Listen! Catch Up on Previous Episodes of The Mike Church Show, Click Here! WATCH: Real Men Need To Man Up & Lead Their Families Out Of The Luke Warm Ninny Churches In The Round!   Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines […]

The Republic of Texas Here is what is happening today in the Brief. First, we cover the  crisis of American loneliness. Second, Study Shows How Republican, Democrat Tweets Differ After Mass Shootings. Third, Disney shares slump after earnings disappoint and Fox merger dings profits. Also, Ads Pulled for Gory Universal Thriller ‘The Hunt’ in Wake […]

Winchester, VA – Senator John McCain returned to the Senate yesterday for the first time since his surgery and brain cancer diagnosis. He returned to cast his vote for the Republican’s health care agenda, and was met with a round of applause. McCain delivered poignant words to his colleagues. CRUSADE Channel News is a service of the […]

Winchester, VA – Yesterday evening, the Better Care Reconciliation Act, which was the Senate’s version of a repeal and replace healthcare bill, received enough Republican defectors to render the bill dead. The Hill reports that  Republican senators Jerry Moran of Kansas and Mike Lee of Utah announced that they will not support the motion to proceed […]

Winchester, VA – NBC News reports that Nancy Pelosi is losing popularity in the Democrat party after the defeat of Jon Ostoff in Tuesday’s Georgia election to fill the House of Representatives seat vacated by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. Grumblings could be heard from Joe Cunningham, who is vying for a seat in […]

Mandeville, LA – Free Phone Friday on the CRUSADE Channel has never been better as the KingDude is asked to actually propose a solution to the secession crisis AND the moral/tyranny crisis that makes it necessary. If you miss this segment you’re missing, seriously, radio the way it should be. Honest, pursuing the Truth and with […]

Patrick J. Buchanan – Republican The Way It Should Be  Mandeville, LA  – The Veritas Radio Network announces the release of our latest “Radio The Way It Should Be” meme campaign: Patrick J Buchanan, Republican The Way It Should Be. From 1966 through 1974, Mr. Buchanan was an assistant to Richard Nixon, and from 1985 […]

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