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The Evil That Is The Babadook-”Mayor Pete” Mike Church Show with E. Michael Jones

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The Evil That Is The Babadook-”Mayor Pete” Mike Church Show with E. Michael Jones

With the recent surge of “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg in the #Demoncrat Party’s race to see who becomes the High Priest of Infanticide (Nominee) we are republishing my interview with Dr. E. Michael Jones from May 2, 2019 when “The Babadook” first announced his campaign for the High Priest gig. Below is commentary from the host of Reconquest, Brother André Marie on the same subject!

Pete Buttigieg is the son of a Marxist disciple of Antonio Gramsci. That is no wild accusation. Dr. Joseph Buttigieg was an avowed Gramscian, who wanted, like his master, to transmit Marxism into the world through cultural means ( i.e., via “Cultural Marxism”; see here and here for more on Dr. Buttigieg’s Gramscian Marxism).

In 1980, after moving to the U.S. from his native Malta, Joseph Buttigieg became a professor at Notre Dame University, itself a symbol Catholic dysfunctionality, especially during and after the 35-year presidency of the extreme liberal, Theodore Hesburgh (1952-1987), father of the infamous “Land O’ Lakes Statement.”

After graduating from a Catholic High School, the younger Buttigieg went to Harvard, where he became an Episcopalian (a “lateral move” for a progressivist Catholic) and discovered his sexual attraction to other men, which he now acts upon as a partnered and “married” sodomite.

As the son of Marxist Catholics, one with Jesuit training, and as a James-Martin-praising sexual deviant, Pete Buttigieg stands as an icon of so much of what is aberrant in the contemporary Church.

Michael Voris does a good job on the subject of his background and candidacy in this highly recommended “Vortex”. Of special interest to us is the tangential mention of the Kennedy political clan, whose own Catholic progressivism has been the subject of several pieces on this site (see From Indifferentism to Apostasy, Bobby Kennedy and Father Feeney: Religion as American Politics, and Chris Matthews: ‘That Priest, Father Feeney…’). The mention is tangential, but it also says a lot about the nexus of Catholicism and politics in public life here in America:

…when Pete was not learning the Faith in the Catholic high school, he was winning the JFK Profiles in Courage essay contest awarded by the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston. Pro-abort and fake Catholic Caroline Kennedy and other members of pro-abort and fake Catholic Kennedy clan presented the teenage Pete with the award. The Kennedys likewise were corrupted by the Jesuits and an errant hierarchy more concerned about climate change and immigration than salvation.

Salvation: Something progressivists don’t like to talk about except in terms of universalism or indifferentism. But it is THE issue, and modern churchmen have (so far) failed Pete Buttigieg in this most important of all matters.

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