Free Farm Friday

The Farmer’s Almanac Is All The Software Farmers Need

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Free Farm Friday 

Farmer Dan Mundy from New Jersey

Farmer Brian Koch from Texas

  • Technology is a good tool to have and use sometimes but it will not produce your food.
  • You have to manually go out and make your soil healthy.
  • You have to manually go out and observe what you are doing.
  • If you can’t see it, hear it, smell it…a machine can’t do that.
  • You know when your pasture has recovered enough to bring cattle back on it.
  • Modern Science looses a lot of things b/c they are discrediting or pushing it aside for all machine only.
  • BOOK – Saying NO to a Farm-Free Future by Chris Smaje
  • You do what you can and within your means.
  • Farming isn’t for everyone and not everyone can or should do it.
  • Regenerative Gardening/Farming – 

HEADLINE: Cows are Turning Desert Back Into Grassland by Grazing Like Bison by Return To Now

  • Ranchers have transformed 40 million acres of desert back into prairie by “training” cows and other domesticated animals to graze like their wild ancestors – in tightly packed herds.

Written by: Justin Redman