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The Fiorella Files Season 3 Episode 6- Hardman, Wyndham, Mortimer

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Why We Get The Wrong Politicians by Isabel Hardman

Politicians: We cannot live with and without them.  Our much-slandered group of legislators and decision-makers are often seen as corrupt, self-serving sycophants who possess more treachery than talent. We see them as careerists instead of ardent public servants. Also, bankers and estate agents are regularly voted in the least trusted career groups in the UK.

Also, there are actually some politicians that would go toe-to-toe with Frank Underwood from House of Cards; there are also more who are upright, hardworking and enthusiastic to serve their own country. Although, their age, race, sex and wealth might not be representative of the country at large, however, it isn’t essentially their fault. The problem is far deeper in the organization and culture of the Parliament itself.

The Midwhich Cuckoos by John Wyndham

All the inhabitants of the small English village of Midwich suddenly fall unconscious. When they come round several hours later, they seem unaffected, but gradually all women of child-bearing age in the village are discovered to be pregnant. They all give birth on the same day; and their children share an unusual appearance, including glowing golden eyes, pale skin and platinum blond hair.




Rumpole Of The Bailey by John Mortimer

Rumpole of the Bailey chronicles the story of Horace Rumpole, a 68-year-old barrister who is reminiscing about six of the most interesting cases that have occurred in his life. Set in London, Rumpole defends individuals of all backgrounds and definitely prefers a good criminal case to a divorce case.


Written by: Justin Redman