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The Horror of Watching ESPN While Armchair Bombing Civilians In Syria

today04/13/2018 6

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Mandeville, LA – Someday the conservative echo chamber is going to listen to recordings of them encouraging their #MAGA duped groupies into feeling star-spangled awesome to “do something about Assad in Syria”. The average ‘Murican can watch sports, endure a newsbreak where they’re told the President is about to “retaliate against Syria”, think to themselves “its about time we led from the front”, then go back to sports watching…. from the comfort of their La-Z-Boy. The same person

• Calls themselves pro-life but gives no thought to the non-combatants “doing something”, is going to kill.

• Resents the Federal Government telling them what a wetland is but has no problem with the Federal Government telling the NATION of Syria WHO will lead their government that must now protect Syria’s wetlands… 7,280 miles away.

• “Crushing” the Syrian air force that has rarely even flown outside its own territory…with an air force that flew 7,280 away to do the crushing.

• Do all the above in a sovereign country, 7,280 miles away, that they can’t find on a map, without their precious Constitution ever being used to properly vet, debate then vote on declaring said war!?

THAT’S why, in the final 20 minutes of today’s show, Mike explains why he is no “conservative” of this stripe and prays, with St Paul, that you aren’t either.


Written by: MikeChurch

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